What player's setting for Pit/AT runs?

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What player's setting for Pit/AT runs?

Just wondering what is the norm for people...

Place: Ancient Tunnels
Character: Orb/Chain Lightning Sorceress

I do /players 3 because that's about just as high as i can go while killing effectively with a sorc holding ali baba and rhyme shield... lol.


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When I do use it, I go players 3 as well. But I seriously don't see any difference between P1 and P3 settings as far as drops go...there ALL stingy as far as I'm concerned.


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players 8 all the way, no matter what area of the game...

it's all easy for a hammerdin anyway :D


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I do them at /players 5 with my necro. Not as fast as it could be, but the improved drops rate is worth it.
i think someone worked out in most MF'ign areas p5 is the most efficifient time / possibel drops. p8 doesnt increase the rewards that muh, but if you can kill then go for it, although you'll get less bodies than p1 runs, so youll have to weigh up many bodies / avergae drops or few bodies / good drops


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I can do players 8, but I feel the speed of killing enemies and the less lieklyhood of them killing me better on players 3 with my mf avenger.


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Bob, that was 1.09, and it was including exp as well. The rules have changed quite a bit in 1.10.

The balance they have going now is quite clever IMO (even if it isn't intentional, which it may not be). For running open areas with a mix of monsters (ie not Meph or Pindle, but the Pit or WSK) the best players setting to run at will depend on (a) your char and (b) what you are looking for. The best setting for you will not necessarily be the same whether you want items, runes or exp, nor will it be the same for your friend looking for the same stuff.

At the same time, it is not such a big difference between them that it is worth going to great pains to figure it out, unless you are a real hardcore player determined to squeeze every last drop of efficiency out. For most people, you might as well play on whichever setting you enjoy playing on the most.