what /player in Hell


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what /player in Hell

Well im guessing the title says it all, on characters what /players do you usually quest thru hell difficulty with? Just curious.


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For twinked SC characters I go P8 almost exclusively.

For my HC characters, which are untwinked single-pass-only (and usually retarded builds, like my current meleemancer with max fire golem and a cold mage), I go P1 almost exclusively. I up the players in key passes over things like The Pit.


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Depends on build for me, and what I'm running.

Haha speaking of Meleemancers... mine also does it on /p1. I can't imagine a higher players setting... I mean his damage output is like 2k max only not including Decrepfiy and all the nasty reductions. o_O


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i always go with P1 in hell for questing
i do lots of pit leveling with various player setting depending on the power of the build. P3, P5 and P8 are the most important


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Norm and NM usually p8 or so depending on build.

Hell is usually p1-p3, sometimes up to p8 if i'm playing something like a hammerdin (of course).


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Hell usually players 1 unless the build im playing can handle more than that.


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I've only had three characters complete Hell. Concentrate Barbarian at P1, Fishymancer at P3, Frenzy Barbarian at P8 (except for the Hell Ancients).


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I've only had three characters complete Hell. Concentrate Barbarian at P1, Fishymancer at P3, Frenzy Barbarian at P8 (except for the Hell Ancients).
Wow Atil! What build/gear was your frenzier runnning around with? (I've got one about level 42 on the rise again hence my interest hehe PM me if you can/want to so as to not derail the thread too much perhaps)

I set the players level according to how the character is handling it sticking to 1, 3, 5 and 8..


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I usually go through Hell on P1. I crank up the player settings to 3 or 5 from time to time, depending on the effectiveness of a build in a specific area.

St. Anger


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P8 for Normal and Nightmare (except may lower it to P1 in NM at the Chaos Santuary for physical melee characters). P1 in Hell mostly, unless things are too easy in which case the level is bumped up a bit until it gets hard again.


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All three Mat/Pats I have have been /players 8 all the way trying their best to do full clears of everything. Once they are patted/matted, they are free to use other /players settings for runs.

My first Pat, a Fishymancer had to park two bosspacks and one champion. A An Extra Fast, Cursed, Stoneskin Spectre pack in Arcane Sanctuary, a Possessed Unraveller in one of the Tombs and a Fanatic, Cursed, Stoneskin Frenzytaur somewhere in late Act 5.

My second pat, a Singer (Warcry barbarian), with a one point Berserk for phys immunes, did not have to park any monsters at all, though I was just about to give up on a Plague Bearer Unique who was unbreakably Physical/Magic immune. I managed to get him with Venom charges from my Arachnid Mesh.

My third mat, a Daggerzon (obviously is purely Passive-Magic) did not have to ditch any monster weirdly enough (Her Reaper's Toll merc deserves credit for this). Trust, me Fleshripper is a POWERFUL weapon and Treachery is a MIGHTY runeword.

Weirdly enough my Cookie Cutter Meteorb is struggling where my Daggerzon plowed through. (Frozen orb sucks in /players 8 Hell).

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I am only at Act 3 Norm, It's a Meteorb, or atleast its going to be. But if FrozenOrb sux in Hell at /p8, then I am almost thinking about making a Blizzballer. What /pX can be done semi-smooth in hell for a Meteorb?

Indemaijinj: What gear did you use with your Meteorb? And what was the FO dmg?


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I can coast along fairly quickly at P3 with my Meteorb in Hell. Orb isn't great, I use it to slow the monsters down, let them converge on my Merc, then roast them with a fully synergized Meteor or three.