What other forums do you post on?


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Newman said:
Obviously there are forums out there for just about everything. Finding myself bored at work, and conviently playing *crowbar swings* I started posting here again. I also post on Honda-Tech.com and Team-Integra.net. What about you guys? Any other forums?
I post in the "other religions section" of a Christians forum, the "Zen Buddhism" section in a Buddhist forum, the "new converts to atheism" in an Atheist forum, Mixed Martial Arts forum (my latest membership), some tech forums and some other sites.

This forum is by far the most I ever post in. People here are well-rounded compared to the extremists you will find in the other forums I'm a member of.

Hey NewMan, who is that in your Avatar? He looks very much like one of my close Chinese friends in the Philippines when we were still that age.


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A forum about the MMO I play, a wrestling forum, sometimes I lurk on a video game speedrun movie site.


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I pretty much limit myself to this here OTF, the worldofwar.net Community and Hunter forums, and saltwaterfish.com's marine fish information forums (new hobby). I visit the official WoW boards but get frustrated at the idiotic posting and general rude behavior of most of those people and tend to not post at all.


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I post on a couple different forums that branched off from this one and I visit Spymac on a regular basis. That's where I get my Apple fix and I also enjoy their Red Light District forum. ;)


Necrolestes said:
He's at 17.7k or so. He's really slowed down as of late, only 26 or so posts a day.
I have been noticing that too. He has been at 17k for a really long time.


I am OTF faithful. I have looked at other forums and no one else is as funny or entertaining then you guys.

Sometimes I frequent wedding forums just for ideas but they are stupid and too loveydovey. Blech.


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well,first there my clan's site but to go into detail would no longer be offtopic.....
I also post on a roleplaying website(rpol.net)

Raistlin Majere

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Isolde212 said:
Sometimes I frequent wedding forums just for ideas but they are stupid and too loveydovey. Blech.
Are you going to end your vows with the smashing of a beer can on your forehead?

I am a member of about 12 forums/chat servers. I am a admin at a chat server, but its quite quiet in there, thank god.:thumbsup:

Sokar Rostau

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Ash will be losing his crown soon: http://www.rpgforums.net/member.php?userid=147421

I post on a couple of historically oriented forums and a local filmmakers one. I accidentally found myself in a religious forum the other day and got very scared, before that I thought elvenhorror, or whatever he last called himself, was a nutter. There are some seriously disturbed and insecure people out there.