What now with my WW Barb


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What now with my WW Barb

Lemme preface this by saying i'm a total newb and i have shitty equipment and this is the best i can do to this point

Lvl 76

First for stats
Str - 140
Dex - 115
Vit - 210
Nrg - 10

BO - 20
Sword - 20
Iron Skin - 5
Natural Res - 10
WW - 20

First Question, am i set to go straight up Vitality from now on, or should i plan on another 10 or so in Str for equipment

Now for the sad part... my equipment =[

Coronot +2 Barb 7% ML +13% all res
Atmas Wail
Plaguebearer/bloodletter dual weild (switch to dual echoign weaps for warcries)
IK Belt
IK Boots
magnus gloves
pair of LL rings total 12%

I have some stuff i could trade for items but i need to know what i have to focus on first, i'm getting murdered in hell and can't do much without a really good party because of my horrible AR defense and damage... HELP
A nice blocking shield that you could use is whitsans, instead of the 2 swords. When you get it up to 75% block, then pump vit when you have enough str for your items. Another thing you should do to help your ar is use angelics rings/ammy which is a really cheap and nice option, or go with 1 angelic and ammy and a raven frost for the cbf/dex/mana mods.


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Likewise keep in mind that if you go max block, you'll have to put a point or two into dex each level to keep at 75% max block, as the formula is set so you have to put more dex in each level to maintain perfection.

To see your block rate, just hover over your defense score to see what your blocking % is, and put in the appropriate dex each level to bring it back up to max.

if your on useast ladder, holla *nemonic-z, i'll hook you up with some spare barb gear (arreats, bk col sword, etc.. dont really know what i have)

Edit: looking over your gear, this is what i can spare on US East Ladder:

Angelic ring + ammy


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shield: i don't think you need to pump dex atm if you use a shield. i have about the same dex as you (lower i think) and keep around 50% blocking.

that being said, i use a rhyme luna because of the res on it, increased blocking, and cannot be frozen.

that being said, i think your main problem is a wep. neither of those weps are good for ww.

ways of getting a decent ww wep:
1. crescent moon in a legend sword (itd and 25% are the big stats here.)
2. cube a cruel with the flawless, normal, or chip gems. you can find the list of swords that can get cruel somewhere, however col swords will need a speed mod + two sockets, and col blade will need 2 sockets, 1 sock + 20 ias, or quickness mod.
3. trade for a rare.

after that, you need to up your resists. my ww barb used a smoke armor, rhyme shield, and nat resists.


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I suggest rebuilding your barb. I can imagine you thinking "lol no way", but in the end that's the best solution if you want to enjoy a well-planned char.

1. Determine in the beginning wether you're going to be using shield or not.
2. Pump shout for defense, not iron skin.
3. Don't put more than five points in NR (IMO five is already a overkill)

I'd spend the remaining skill points (if you ever get that far) into Berserk/inc. speed.
NR is best kept at base 1 because + skills takes care of it. I would not spend extra stats on inc speed or zerk, I would stick with putting them in iron skin.