What, no Saturday thread?


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What, no Saturday thread?

I looked, and didn't see one, so if there is one I apologize...

Played D2 for the first time in weeks last night, doing a few runs with Bob my hammerdin, looking for those pesky TC3s. Instead got a failed set Boots, two failed unique Bardiches and a Shadowfang Two-handed Sword. Hopefully I'll have better luck later today.

And good luck to you all!


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Hmm, mainly MFing for MFO now :) When I need break I play my bowazon or do something else than play, it is good for health


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hum as i compeate against lprman i du the same thing.

other then that i try to find a way to get my homework for next week planned.


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So that's why there's been no daily thread. Surely you can post and Mf at the same time? :)

Still no D2 for me, but I am into Chapter 2 of Shadows of Undrentide.

Have a good day!


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Good day to y'all, or what's left of it. I am trying to get my necro to A5 so that I can acually compete in the Olympics :thumbsup: . I will probably first be able to make runs with him next weekend, but that's ok with me.

He is currently lvl 66 and tumbling around in Act 1. Long way to go....


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GTA : Vice City on my Xbox has had most of my attention today, but I did manage to get some NM Meph and Pindle runs done with my Fishymancer, also started working through Ancient's Way and the Cellar to get some levels and nice items, found myself a Sheal and a Fal on that go, which is the highest rune I've found to date :)

Gonna try doing some WSK runs to level up abit, hopefully that should work.. Hell is scary... :scared:


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Started a Warrior. Yes a Warrior. In Diablo I/Hellfire. Cleared the first two lvl, killed the Butcher and cleaned the well. Nothing great for now, but the atmosphere is amazing!


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Wel, for awhile I'm going to be relegated to an infrequent player and poster. I've decided to mostly give up gaming for lent. :p I wish you all super-great luck in the MFO! :clap:


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Picked up Neverwinter Nights Gold today, so no D2 for a while. I'm having a blast with NWN, once I got used to the camera. :thumbsup: