What NAme?


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What NAme?

A paladin who uses a bow is called a Ranger. I played one in 1.09 and found it enjoyable but I'm thinking it might not work too good in 1.10. So I decided to go with a throw paladin. Is there a name for this type of character or shall we make a name for him? :innocent:

I was debating between using a bow or throw weapons and I decided to go with the throw weapons because the paladin can still have good block with the shield against those nasty Hell ranged monsters. At lvl 70 I plan to use two Glimmershreds with one on each weapon slot which will give me a total quantity of 480 axes to throw. With the shields I haven't decided yet but I have several to chose from. Moser's (two), Blackoak (two), Tiamats (two) or Stormshield (only have one).

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Will the pala throw hammers? Then I suggest the term "Hammerdin" :lol:

But I guess not....Axeadin maybe? or "trajectadin"

Trajection: The path of a projectile or other moving body through space.

Honestly I have no clue....maybe that stimulated someone else's imagination.

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Dragoon, Throwadin, chuckadin and flingadin are all common.

Also in 1.09 alot of throwadins used the holy shock aura, making them shockadins. I'm not sure what the best build now is, but why use 2 weapon slots when you can just hop into town to repair? I'd rather have a charge weapon on switch.