what merc for pindle?


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what merc for pindle?

im making a sorc for hell pindle runs and i dont know what merc to get the arua on a2 mercs prolly wont go on untill pindles dead so should i get a act5 merc? or what act2 merc?


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captain_random said:
lol u do know pindle is immune to cold right...
Pindle is not immune to cold. He and his minions are immune to poison, but one of the random abilities for pindle might be cold immunity. At that point the merc comes into play, of course.

The guys in the yard are immune to cold, but a blizzard sorc (respectively her merc) has easily dealt with pindle before they gey get dangerous.

I prefer an act 2 holy freeze merc. He keeps Pindle and his minions off her for long enough (and he will easily kill pindle if he is cold immune) and if he doesn't forget to switch on his aura he can handle pindle, his minions and the guys from the yard all alone, although I don't wait for that ;). He just needs Crown of Thieves or Tal's helm, Reaper's Toll and a not too bad armor (I use Gris armor with 3 IAS jewels). My pindlesorc merc dies perhaps once per 100 runs and my sorc hasn't died for about 1000 runs now.


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I also prefere Holy Freeze merc(lvl **) for Pindle runs. He has almost the same gear except armor - uped Duriels Shell and he kicks *** - almost never dies. The diffrence is that my sorc is pure fire but it doesnt change too much IMO. The main problem is that merc, during Pindle run, generally doesnt use his aura cause it turns on too late and he doesnt take advantage of it. He slows pindle and his pack by decrep not by freeze and my meteors make them burn. Do not forget that decrep also give dmg bonus to your merc. Fight ususally looks like this:
Pindle and pack charge on my merc, i kill them with single meteor (or stun for a moment when my merc usually decrep them and starts leeching). Than i finish pachk with fireballs. If Pindle is Fire immune Merc kills him w/o any problem.
Assuming any Act2 merc is good for Pindle run cause he can wield Reapers Toll and decrep rules there ;)
One more thing: maybe upg shaftshop wold be better for merc armor?

Ill bet that generally your merc dies if pindle has fanatism aura cause he can be killed with one or two charges or holy freeze aura whe he is extremly slow. ;)