what merc for me?


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what merc for me?

i have a maxed Frozen orb and energy shield sorc..

mainly for MF.
what set up for which merc would be the best for killing meph in hell

he needs to be able to tank meph,

what combo of act2 aura and items do u guys suggest.

Im thinking insight would be good since my energy shield absorbs 80% of my damage i would need alot of mana?
but should i do holy freeze (to slow the little dudes while teleing there) or defiance or might(with lifesteal)

and what armor and helm would be a good set up

keep in mind i m only 2 weeks into the game, fairly wealthy for only 2weeks of casual play but i dont have the wealth for super high etheral runewords


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in combination with insight a prayer merc could be a good option (synergie to meditation). Combat on normal difficulty if I remember right.

For the armour and helm try to get a lot of defence and lightning resist and your merc should do the job with a decent lvl fairily well.
Also a prayer merc profit from ll but do not depend on it. So you have more options to equip him.

For safe teleporting fcr is the most important. Try to reach 105 fcr, 63 can be good enough.


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i use an a5 merc on my uswest fo/cl sorc, current gear is delerium, lwcb, 2k e-fort
he tanks nice, curses often and easily takes down the pesky immunes

flamebellow swords are good and cheap effective dmg, and any high def armor/helm with some life steal mods is helpful


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Doesn't really matter unless you are a pure light or pure fire sorc (in which case I suggest holy freeze).

Go defensive or Might.


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I also vouch for prayer merc.

Equip him with a high dmg insight polearm, and put a shaftstop and gaze on him, and he will never die. (You can ofc go the usual route and buy expensive stuff like fortitude etc, but make sure at least either the helm or armor has lifesteal)
Also, the prayer will be applied twice, and along with the meditation from the runeword you will have insane regeneration of your mana.

Now, since you are an ES sorc, infinite mana would mean almost infinite life. Insight gives you near to infinite mana, and with high life regeneration from prayer, you are almost 100% safe from dying.

That's all for me.


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If you need your merc to kill for you in some instances, you use might. Otherwise, for es sorc I believe prayer merc to be the best.

Personally, for mephisto, I wouldn't use any merc at all... with no merc you can just stand on the other side of the moat and drop blizzards on his head till dead... with a merc you can't do that.