what lvl is LLD?


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what lvl is LLD?

when people talk about LLD characters, how exactly how level are they talking about?

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eLight said:
Lvl 9s, lvl 18s and lvl 29 is the most common LLD. VLLD is just lvl 9. Right Solly?
Hehe. LLD is anything between 9 and 29 (30 for some builds, but generally it's 29). lvl 9 is indeed reffered to as vlld. lvl 30-49 is MLD, but on Ladder people ignore that so they can use those fancy runewords -.-



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9 - obvious
12 - Angelics
18 - Carns
21 - Sharps
27 - Honor
29- Max cap before 30

Those were always the brackets for what I was used to.