What Kind of Paladin Do you Use mostly??

How do you like your D2?

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What Kind of Paladin Do you Use mostly??


Just wondering what kind of paladin do you mostly use.



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i use v/t for pvp and hammerdin for mf/rushing i think the hammerdin is palyed more tho as i am mfing like mad to get them ladder items


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For some reason, there is a certain feeling of satisfaction to be gained every time I use Zeal. I love all of these multiple hit skills (such as Jab or ChainLight).

1 click = 5 hits

Its so easy to use. If I just feel like some relaxed D2 play, I'll whip out my Griz Set Pally and just go around helping people with quests and such in random games.

I think what makes this skill so appealing is that its so FAST, at 4fps. Also, the sound of a caddy hitting 5 times in succession is somewhat soothing. For me, the Zealot is the pally equivilent of the Strafezon. I could play both types forever.


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PoopyPants said:
Really, I find it rather erotic myself.
Hmm... must be some sort of fetish... :lol:

Back to origianl topic:
Personally I use a V/T for pvp. Making a Liberator for pvp and some mf.


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I've played them all essentially, (Including an avenger), but my vote goes for "other". I played my stacker/templar/crusader/etc quite a bit pre .10, and were it still possible/viable to do so, I still would. So lets just look at it from a hypothetical standpoint. (This is a moot point now anyway, I play necros. x_x )

ch33s3 m4st3r

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smiter/charger currently for pvp

and i can use him for pvm, he has some points in zeal

in 1.09 i played mostly zealots



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A V/C for me in pvp, too.
Smite for high def paly/barb, charge for low def caster.

BUT I hate mage that cast IM in pvm. :grrr:

O/t: Hey Lovelygods, how's your d2 prob coming along? Everything good I hope.


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how could you not list the cleric??? What the bloody hell is wrong with you lol.

I play cleric about 95% of the time nowadays, I find the ease and yet calm peacefulness and tranquility of sleeping while playing a comp game great. The 5% of the time when I feel like being awake, I play rangers, currently I am working on a thermal ranger.

Anyways, has anyone had database issues with this website, I am going to stop coming here if every other post I make doesn't go through. Its so FRUSTERING OMG AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ITS LIKE MATH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH



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The "Other" section is going to get awfully big, lol. You didn't list so many of the popular builds.

As for me, I love the V/T.
yah yah, all these people that love the v/t and hammerdin BUT ARE NEVER DUELING!?
why the hell don't you duel in temple?

otherwise this game is so boring?

zealots suckkkk :p