What is your goal in D2?


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What is your goal in D2?

I mean i see people buying 1000s of items that seem to fit with every build possible. I'v always wondered why they need so much items for.

Lord Nyax

My overall goal is to help others have fun. I consider myself an evil bastard, but still, speaks a bit about my character that out of...
*counts on fingers*
7 characters, 6 of them are support character.
I have:
Offensive Auradin (Conviction and Concentration, mostly)
SDzon (probably the least support character of all the support chars, but she uses Inner Sight and Slow Missiles, and is a great tank...)
Curse/Golem Mancer
BO Barb

As you can see, only the Hammerdin is really a good solo-er, though the SDzon and the Offensive Auradin can both kinda do it.


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Make fun, non cookie cutter duelers and pwnz0r with them. Getting the "WTF?! Haxx0r!" Line everyday is priceless :)


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Finish my god account:

lvl 99 1337din
lvl 99 V/T
lvl 99 Smiter
lvl 99 Zealer
lvl 1 Mule
lvl 1 Mule
lvl 69 Omniknight
lvl 59 MFer

As you can see, 7 palis and 1 MFer (i might delete her) I happen to enjoy pali builds such as avenger, ranger, bear, etc. I play every blizzard game still, since I am young and can manage a gamer life and a social life and keeps grades in top shape, I just use d2 for fun, dont really play it seriously, like all RPGs, i prefer AoS games.


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My goal... Finish making my builds as godly as possible... Finish my collection of every item in the game... Sell my account for ten billion pesos...

Become massivly and insanly rich with highrunes... so that I have enough to give to people without regrets. But... the richer you become... the more you want. When I started, I thought all high levels were teh "pwnzors". Now I see items... When I got some decent items... I saw people with enigma. When I get enigma... I saw people with pride/infinity, beast,grief enigma so on... when I got amazingly pwnzorating, I saw people with these CRAZY *** charms., when I got some decent items... prices went up and I'm back to where I started. I finally understand all the dupe/trade/hack/skills/stats/mf/et cetera mechanics...

I always wanted to start a clan... but I never had sufficient funds. I saw the recent upping in prices (arach = 7-10hrs) and now I want to start a mfer club (clan or guild, as you will.) I might make a thread about that in the future.

When I give items... I usually feel good. Recently though... I gave a grief away and got a blunt "ty". I give this kid some hrs, and he dosn't even say ty.

My goal is to totally resanctify (not sure if it's a word... but it sounds strangly right) diablo so I can minimize misunderstanding and other things. I'd love to help all the "nubs" out there... but I'm a "nub" myself, by my own standards. The richer you get... the more you want. :undecided:


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I'm mostly playing for fun, wealth comes naturally with time and experience. The more you know the game mechanics, the faster you get rich. So nowadays, I'm trying various builds. Some of them are cookie-cutter, some of them are fun builds, I've tried a bit everything :wink:. I love to carefully plan each of my chars and optimize them to the limit (stats, skills, gear). I sometimes spend several Ists to gain only a few defense or life, just for the sake of perfection :grin:. I also like to help friends, trade, MF and gamble :laugh:.


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Have fun, but don't spend so much time on it that it interferes with other things in life. Remember, balance.


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I would like to make my first Enigma but somehow obtaining the runes ain't that easy.....

Now that I can run two games at one time, frequent Hell Forge runs should be attainable.


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To crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and to hear the lamentation of their women!

Actually that might be my goal for Friday night league bowling.


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My first goal is to have fun, so actually Teamspeak has become more important than the Diablo game itself. When playing I enjoy perfectionizing builds from others or builds I came up with or just trying to come up with a low budget variation of it, just in case someone mourns that he is poor. Rushing, Torch-Runs, CS-Runs and Baalruns are parts of the game I only do with mates, on my own I usually start a new char and try to Solo him to Hell Baal.

Klæmint Vágadal

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Have fun, try not to become too addicted (I think that ship has sailed) and become a RICH mo fo, and make a PvP char than can take on anyone. Althou I had the most fun when I was poor :scratch:

But making budget builds that can solo hell is altso fun.


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1. Make Enigma
2. Drool over Enigma
3. Reach cLvl99 with all characters on SP
4. Finish my "Perfect" Grail (All items with Perfect stats)
4. Find/Cube Zod
5. Drool over Zod & Enigma
6. Start Diablo III (getting closer)