What is your favorite pokemon?


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What is your favorite pokemon?

MAn i love pokemon, my favorite is war turtle, not quite blastoise but not squirtle anymore. He learns this buble move , omg so sweet. I mean cmon now, awesome. If i had to be one pokemon it would totally be war turtle, dude.

~Kazama Fury~

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5Ws said:
Guy...how old are we???

I loved the gameboy game and for some reason, I still remember this..
If Wartortle is your fav pokemon, you can atleast spell its name properly. :uhhuh:

Mewtwo would be my fav, it actually kills people which is always a plus for a kids show.


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the first set of GB games weren't a bad way to spend ~15 or so hours. some interesting little puzzles and everything.

as for favourite Cubone pwns all j00 n00bs. a little brown dinosaur thing running around with a stolen skull, can't go wrong with that


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my pokemoncards brings all the nerds to the yard
damn right lets some trade some cards, damn right lets trade some cards
but not my charizard

i liked that blue water mouse merill


Jimi- said:
psyduck pwnz him np, look at his psychic resistance :thumbsup:
-30 is good...

look at the other thingy there, weakness...

he's a dark/rock pokemon, and dark pwnz psychic... :uhhuh:


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Jimi- said:
psyduck pwnz anyway :thumbsup:
I remember I had the 'Red' game and it was so hard to level up the Pokemon. It would take forever to get all 150 and get them to level 99 or whatever it was.