What is your favorite 2 member MF team


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What is your favorite 2 member MF team

I tried posting this earlier but it didn't work so here goes again...

A friend and I are planning a team for hell MF runs and we'd like to be able to handle as many of the best areas as we can.

He is building a Meteorb sorceress so what would you suggest I build to complement that?

Frozen Orb/Chain Lightning sorceress
get another element of damage in and have two teleporters? But both fragile

Pure BLizzard sorceress
(to up the cold damage and because I already have one ;) )

Lightning Javazon
(adds another element and has a strong valkyrie to tank)

(gets rid of the problem of anything we can't kill together since he does pure magic damage and the sorc handles two other elements)

Something else entirely?

What would you make and why

Thanks :)


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Two teleporters would be nice indeed, and not too fragile w/ a pair of decently geared mercs. Its probably yer quickest setup. Orb/chain not a bad idea.

A good furyzon should also have plaguejav as an attack for a 4th element. W/ 2 mercs and a valk U 2 should have no troubles at all.

Theres a lot of viable 2 char mf setups that will complement each other. Play what is most fun for you...


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Just watch every monster melt in seconds to the Meteorb. If you build a Hammerdin, you can have a couple points to spare in Conviction, but the difference between level 11-ish Conviction and level 40 Conviction is startling.

i have always been fond of enigma foh pally with a meteor sorc conviction taking away fire immunes plus upping damage while say doing meph or something


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well if there is a sorc, then make a barb. The whole Bo package can help her live to fight and you can tank the whole way. A IK Barb isnt the fastest killer, but they are damn versatile and just a pure meatshield. You can handle any monster and whatever immunity it might have. So I say an IK Barb to give life and take the brute force of the fights. Then you can hell baal quite easily.


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One more thing....

Hell Baal is easy with a sorc/barb and just have the sorc stack on alot of mf and get the final kill hit on Baal. And make sure he has quest open and cant complete it. Then the sorc can do the pit and you follow while doing a high lvl mf find item. Much things in the Pit is found with Find Item, trust me. Then do Meph and whatever mf spot u want


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best non boss runner area fishymancer + conc or ww baba

conc baba BO+shout on skellies, amp + conc or ww and hork all the corpses