What is your fave mfer?


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What is your fave mfer?

I've had the chance to experiance all types of mf sorcs except lightning sorc... I've made pure orb.. metorb..nova orb.. pure blizzard.. pure fire..

Cold skills seem to be only good vs. meph.. and fire vs. shenk/eldritch/andy.. and lightning... i'm not sure yet.. but i thik its pit/countess/shenk/eldritch..

Anyways.. I'm trying to figure out what is the best solid mf sorc.. I just don't know.. I've found many things from mephing mainly.. not a lot from pindle/shenk/eldritch... Maybe theres a lot, I guess I don't have the right build to power mf them.

I know it depends where I MF, but I guess that would bring another question... whats the best MF site(s)?? Meph seems good.. not sure if theres a lot thats better and gives just as fast results. Would you rather do, tons of meph runs over eldtich/shenk or over mass pindle runs or mass pit/count runs??? I'll have around 600 mf or so.. Maybe all the MF sites are about equal.. I am not sure.... Just need some feedback from your experiances..


yangsta said:
only problem is the weak dmg.. fire skills are heavy synergized
Meteorb isnt really weak, since my meteorb sorc gets 13k fireball and 25k meteor damage. The only monsters that take a bit to kill are the fire immunes, but even they don't take too long.


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The fire damage of Meteor and Fireball even without crazy +skills equipment is far from weak and way enough for Hell even in 8-plyer games. Soloing the Pit in 8-player games is no problem for a Meteorb build with about +8 skills.


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th5418 said:
Meteorb is possibly the best all around sorc.
I agree, Max Orb, and meteor with synergies works quite well. Works good because Orb is the best skill w/o synergies and synergies only give 2% to it anyways.


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pit runs aren't especially good for mfing, its just that they can drop any item in the game. its like a cave full of pindles. meph is still good: much more consistant.

countess is good for runes/gems. it depends on what you are looking to find and how much time do you want to spend looking.

best pit runner: CL/orb
fastest meph runner: blizzard (assuming you don't die on the way)
best overall: meteorb


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I don't really go for speed but I would say the Tals Sorc Orb wins for meph/pindle/andy and then the necro wins because you can have so much mf and you can do baal/pit/tunnels/shenk/eldrich/pindle again. Other then the necro since this is a sorc forum, i would say fire sorc takes second.

1st Orb
2nd Met
3rd CB