What is wrong with my Light sorc??


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What is wrong with my Light sorc??

I have a Light sorc, I took a brake from her, then I decided to mule over some stuff to it to reach the final speed breakpoint.
My problem is, she sucks! Her dmg isnt bad its 1-11K lightning and 1 - 5,5 K chain.
The real problem is her endurance. She dies from 2 hits or so in hell! I dont understand why since my Meteorb RULEZ hell! And can take pretty many hits!
Here comes a list of skill points:
1 point in warmth (10 with + to skills)
20 points in charged bolt (28 w + to skills)
20 points in lightning (28 with plus to skills)
20 points in chain lightning (28 with plus to skills)
20 points in mastery (28 with plus to skills)
12 points in nova (currently maxing)
1 point in all pre reqs.

Gear: Eschutas orb 11 + to light skill dmg 2 + to sorc skill lvls and 40 % faster cast rate. (I took this on her instead of my Occulus to reach the final breakpoint of faster cast rate)
Trang oul claws (gloves) reaching the final breakpoint of speed.
2 nagelrings 19 and 24.
Lidless wall (p diamonded)
Tal belt.
Shako 99 defense.
Tal rashas adjucation (ammy)
And an etheral skin of the vipermagi: defense 418 and 23 %resist

96 strength (with + to str)
62 dex (with +)
262 vita (with +)
150 energy (with +)

-28 fire
2 cold
5 light
1 poison

Im gonna use my meteorb for MFing now that my light sorc is so weak!
If U want we can meet in a game so U can see how weak it is.


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i'd say you need absorbs. tgods, raven, dwarf. i'm also beginning to be a real fan of the rising sun amulet. now if i'm in trouble, i stand next to some venom lords and let them heal me. :)


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there no reason to go pure dmg on light sorc because of its low min dmg,

you go es setup with 20 in telek + let your light skillers boost your es/tele i would go for 95% with light sorc and all mana you will tank alot of hits + tele that cost 1 mana is nice 2 ^_^


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your resistances are horrible. and you have no max block. these two together will get you killed a lot. you dont always need max block (although i usually get it), but you definitely need better resistances.

ditch eschutas, and use that oculus. better resists and more magic find anyway (and for pvm, that last breakpoint isnt vital). waterwalk isnt the best boot for you. they provide life and dexterity, but you dont need dexterity b/c you arent trying to block. find some boots with better resists or just use war travelers.

i would suggest a shield with better resists. spirit monarch (although youll have a hard time getting the strength now), or maybe mosers with pdiamonds.

if you dont have a mercenary, get one and lvl it up. this deflects a lot of attention from you.