What is the Orgin of your User name?


What is the Orgin of your User name?

What is the orgin of your User name? Meaning, How did you come up with it?

(silly topic...so please don't read if you don't want to participate)


quick story:

(certain factions within the school of modern demonology teaches that there are a vast, yet certain, amount of demons in existance. Each demon has a name that translates into a earthly idea or substance.)

This was also the case in the late 1980's comic book "the demon." Etrigan, if you can remember him, was a prince of one of the nine layers of hell. He was a rhyming type devil. His name, the letters, could be rearranged into the word granite...an earthly substance. This was true for several other demons in the comic. (note: rearranging the letters is not the same thing as the term "translates" by conventional means. But this is a comic book we are talking about.)

With this in mind....Shaoc is a demon of the same sort.


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I got mine from the first song from Nine Inch Nails excellent album 'The Fragile'

Just love the song (esp the last verse)



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I got mine from an episode of family guy. Scene is the channel 5 news:

Family Guy said:
Diane : Well, Tom, the city of Boston is examining it's conscience tonight in preparation for a visit from the Pope.

Tom : That's right, Diane, and I'll tell you what else will be examined... this cock!

*Tom reaches under his desk and brings out a cockerel.*

Tom : Yes, the Rhode Island Cock Society will be sponsoring free check-ups for this years Cock Awareness Week. Don't know why they went with such a suggestive name, they could just have easily gone with 'rooster'. Diane.


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My screenname is an old legal term. I liked the sound of it as well as the meaning:

The right to use and enjoy the profits and advantages of something belonging to another as long as the property is not damaged or altered in any way.


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I stole mine... about a year ago I dueled a guy named triggerhappy who destroyed me. That, + the TV show make it... triggerhappy


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Usufruct said:
My screenname is an old legal term. I liked the sound of it as well as the meaning:
Usufruct is a pretty suggestive name. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I MADE FUNNY LOL LMAO ROFL!!!!ONETWOTHREE111111


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I feel so ... so ... lame ...
So ... insignificant ...
So ... unsatisfying ...

My name is Eric Breslin. Ericbres. Lame.

I was thinking of changing my name to some form of trout ... brook ... brown ... rainbow ... lake ... golden ... cutthroat ...

I just still can't figure out if a trout reference would be derogatory.


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I got mine from something one of the jerky boys said on a prank phone call. He was kinda just mumbleing something in an east indian accent .. and went la la la squigipapa..