What is the forums view on pre-LoD to 1.14 forwarded bugged items?

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Hi there :), diabloii.net SP forum!

I don't think any of you remember me as my activity here has been extremely sporadic, but if you do remember me you'll know that a couple of years ago I was exploring possible interesting items of the past incarnations of this wonderful game that is Diablo 2.

Long story short, quite some time ago I moved a pre-LoD character (probably version 1.00) forward to 1.14, forgetting that I first had to move the character to 1.07 and then 1.14.

As some of you probably knows this changes some items, like unique items getting a level requirement, etc. It also changes rare items in weird ways.

So anyway, a couple of rare boots suddenly had +55% cold resist, which should not be possible, but I could not figure out why. After having a friend look at them and a lot of time passing, I have now been informed that these boots apparently have two cold resist prefixes.

This made me wonder if these wrongly brought forward rares do not follow the usual rules for spawning affixes, and hence some crazy, yet perhaps not too overpowered, items would be possible?
Btw. I don't know if this is already available knowledge, but I am pretty sure it wasn't when I was around some years ago, as I searched these boards pretty thin for obscure knowledge back then. Also I may simply be completely incorrect in my speculations.

Anyway, the craziest possible item I could think about would probably be something along the lines of +4 single character skill rare amulet, especially a sorceress would probably enjoy it. However something like this would probably also be extremely unlikely if the affixes are spawned at random.
Something that could be cool, but not too impossible to get and I don't think very game breaking, would be faster cast rate rare rings with more than 10% fcr and only an rlvl of 3.. would such rings be a help to e.g. speed running? If not in LoD then perhaps in classic D2? Some nice rings with at least 20% fcr would be what I would mainly be looking for when exploiting this bug, if I decide to try to do so after hearing your opinion.

Under all circumstances the point of this thread was to ask what is the forum opinion about rare items like these?
I imagine these items could potentially have spawned on b.net, but only for pre-LoD version characters that then were brought forward long after 1.07, and considering the largest difference is between 1.09 and 1.10, then perhaps even after 1.09 or 1.10?


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