What is the experience penalty?


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What is the experience penalty?

i've heard that there's some kind of experience penalty if you're trying to fight monsters that are a much higher level (like there'd be a penalty against a level 2 fighting diablo)

but i don't know how it works. if anyone could explain it, or give me a link that does i'd be grateful. :thumbsup:


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There's a table missing at the AS for experience adjusting based on Clvl/Mlvl:
For character levels less than 25 it uses the following:

mlvl-clvl	exp %
>10     	5
10      	5
9       	15
8       	36
7       	68
6       	**
1 to 5  	100
-5 to 0 	100
-6      	81
-7      	62
-8      	43
-9      	24
-10     	5
< -10           5
Above Clvl 25 the part where the Mlvl is lower than the Clvl is used as well.


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Monsters do not have an Ilvl. People shouldn't be using abbreviations when you're not sure of what they mean.
The monster lvls are per area, and can be found here.


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RTB said:
The monster lvls are per area
Wasn't there this exception that area levels are only used in nightmare and hell, but not in normal difficulty?

Not that it would really matter, but this is the newcomer forum... so people might stick around normal and nightmare for a bit :)