what is the best weapon to make Infinity in


what is the best weapon to make Infinity in

i am thinking of making a pure lightning sorc with infinity on my merc

what is the best weapon for this. i was thinking of a some kind of Eth Polearms but which is the best one.

i thank you


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Cryptic axes are good, Colussus Voulges are most common since they are easier to get 4sockets on.

Though, you might also want to consider making it in a low req item. If you plan to run areas like Chaos Sanctuary with your sorc, a low-damage polearm means your merc will not die to IronMaiden cast by the OK's. In those cases, any low-req one will be fine I guess. Scythes are most stylish if you plan to trade it away sometime though.


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I like eth tresher for lower base speed (= faster weapon), it has lower dmg than CA/CV though


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I like to use great poleaxes.

Only because I have one and no one else does.

Also, str req from CV's is 210 (200 if eth) and that is just too high for me.


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I think they all have the same damage output per second (most elite weapons do) so it's all down to preference. Oh, and there's range as well, I hear that's finally been fixed.


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I tend to go with regular elite polearms. I don't wanna overpay for something like an ethereal one, but something with low damage won't give you any merc support when you're fighting the baddies.


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merc range is fixed at range 3 iirc
A merc might still not be able to fully take benefit from that - or insists on getting closer, doing nothing when it's not possible. He often cannot or does not attack the water snakes in Travincal, even though a character with a BA can - which has range 3 as well.



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They're really unpredictable with range; sometimes I've seen them attacking from miles away, but most of the time they charge stupidly into kissing range.