What is the best use for magical/rare crafting mats?


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As the title suggests, what is the best use for all those crafting mats salvaged from magical/rare items? Upgrade Rare item recipe from Kanai's Cube seems to be a very good use but then I got a ton of mats compared to very few Death's Breaths so I am hoping there is another use for them.

On a similar note, I read about people hunting item racks for white items, is there a use for those still (as a recipe ingredient I couldn't see yet, like in D2 days maybe) or does converting crafting mats recipe from the cube make hunting whites obsolete now.


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Death's Breaths are definitely the major bottleneck now, along with Forgotten Souls and bounty cache mats. I wouldn't worry about going out of your way to get other mats.

White farming is somewhat pointless now, but it's worth noting that white items salvage for more mats than blues or yellows, so if you ever do find yourself low on any of those mats, farming whites then using the cube conversion may be more efficient than trying to farm blues or yellows.


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Upgrade rare probably is the best general use.

While death breaths are the major bottle neck, eventually you'll run low on the several thousand blue mats you picked up as you probably stopped picking up inventories full of them quite some time ago, though. The above suggestion about converting whites is an idea I hadn't actually thought of for that. Sounds good.