What is the best PVP Tele Fire Druid Weapon?

Snarlin Stef

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What is the best PVP Tele Fire Druid Weapon?

I will be using enigma (ie: fast cast matters for tele perhaps? BUT maybe i dont need supa dupa fast tele anyways?)

maxing all synergies for volcano (volvano is not affected by fast cast gear)... this is my main "killing skill." For those of you not familiar ith volcano it errupts and spews guided missles that follow the enemy and do fire and phys dmg.

dumping all remaining points into Armageddon and synergies.

Weapon Choices as I see it

Wizzy 50% fast cast 75 resist all more mana
HOTO +3 skill 40 resist all and fast cast
Hand Of Justice -20 Enemy Fire resist
DOOM +2 skill and holy freeze

guys please answer if you are experienced in Fire druids... the reason I say this is that I ask around and many of them swear by either Hand of Justice or Doom (holy freeze slows enemies down so volcano rocks can hit them).

I want him to be a strong PVP contender... I am aware that ultimately I am restrained to the nature of the spells and abilities of the fire druid (wont be as good as a bone necro) ... but I still think that if the Gear is right I can more than hold my own.



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Volcano missiles don't seek the enemy...

Well, the FCR breakpoints are 68 and 99, so if you're going to be Teleporting all around, I'd suggest 99%. Base your weapon off of your other gear to hit that.

However, HotO is probably the best choice, overall.

~Kazama Fury~

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HotO all the way.
40 + 20 (arachnids)+ 20 (cast ammy) + 20 (2 caster rings)
now, this combination only works if you have top notch ammy and rings, if not, then its better to settle for lower cast rate or sacrificing some life. +3 to all skills, thats just insanely beautiful.

Snarlin Stef

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what about hand of justice? or DOOM?
i do not know how fire druids pvp... is fast teleport necessary?

if it is then wiz spike and HOTO are best.. if its not then maybe doom or hand of justice is better.


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Getting FCR rings and ammy can work, if you're wealthy, but getting Magefists adds one to fire skills, and saves you your rings slots for SOJs...

HotO, Magefist, Arachnid's, Amulet, and/or one or two FCR rings might be better.