What is the best new 1.10 unique?


What is the best new 1.10 unique?

My top 5 would be:

1.) Annhil charm
2.) Arcanid mesh
3.) Verdungo
4.) Dracul's grasp
5.) Death's fathom


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Verdungo's is junk...

+Vit from gear isn't even multiplied when you get +life% Ex: Oak Sage.

Tomb Reaver is absolutely devastating.


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Best as for usage, Anni charm
Sash is pretty good, so is Death's Fathom.
Reaper's Toll is nice for mercs

But rares are the ones that can have insane mods now :)

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there's already a thread like this, I posted in it, and I like verdungos for a vindicator, if I ever played that is


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When expansion first came out, I was like: "WOW! +skills on a GRAND CHARM!" Now, it's even better with Annihilus charms, because they take up one third of the space, and they give +1 all skills, +up to 20 all attributes, and the rest you guys should all know, hehe. Anyways, IMO, Annihilus is one of (if not the best) uniques.