What is the best BvB armor?


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What is the best BvB armor?

I'm building my S/S BvB again, and just stopped to think about it...
I have tested my ed/max armor on my pally and his enigma gives better damage boost, also have seen lots of barbs using Stone for high def

so, what should my barb wear? 1.3k def enigma, like 400 def ed/max armor, or a stone that i would make on my 505 4 socket archon??
maybe there are better options, help me people



For defense, best would be:

Etheral Arkaine valor socketed with Zod
Etheral Steel carapace

Stone is okay but I think you can find better.


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I see, I probably wont trade for those armors, so what would be the best offensive BvB? or you guys really think that higher def armor would make all difference?


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I experiented with all sorts of armors. and here is what i found:
a 2xxx defense eth zodded valor is my favorite all around BvB armor. +vit, +2 skills, massive defense, all around good armor

second would be ethereal steel carapace. Not the same good mods, but higher Defense.

Next i chose a good stone archon plate. It had 2xxx defense, + str, energy, and vit. Not a bad all around armor, but the Vit on a valor surpasses stone's mods. Exception: Zerk duels, the 60% FHR on Stone mixed with Arreats gives u 90%, whcih brings u to i forgot which breakpoint but it is very helpful in zerking duels.

Enigma is best against casters, zons, basically anything that requires chasing and then pummeling. But if you're not planning to run or teleport, then i wouldn't use it.


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a jewelers of the whale 160/36 str might work well too. stone is very nice for bvb, but a eth valor sounds like it would be the best.


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I have a eth 3 socketed ornate plate (730 def.)
I was think about makeing a gloom out of it and use it only for dueling barbs.
I would keep it on my merc.
730 + 200-260% def = 2190-2628
I know once the durability goes down, then it's not worth anything. but good mods and great defense. it should last for a bit though.
What to you guys think?