What is it?


What is it?

As I have not gone onto the Community Forums for some time, I now ponder what exactly is it that keeps you people interested in DiabloII? I played this game from patch 1.09 to the long awaited 1.10. It has grown rediculously redundant even with the synergies. I have done everything there has to be done on the game. Bot, maphack, make MF sorc, make meteorb sorc, hammerdin, IK set. WHat exactly keeps you guys entertained?


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I like making unusual builds, or trying enw builds that I've never used before. Then it stays new and fresh.


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I donno..trying to find new stuff, making new chars. After that gets boring try something new, like a char you'd never think of making before.
its a boobie. *prod*

yeah it's all about making up original characters. if you're not godly enough to make an expensive, then just play untwinked.


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I stay entertained because I play a variety of games, rather than just focusing all my attention on one title until I get completely burned out. Besides D2, I have 4 or 5 other games that I play regularly. D1 and D2 are beloved old favorites of mine though and although I sometimes get sick of them and shelve 'em for awhile, I always come back to them sooner or later.

I've pretty much retired from BNet though. I was sick of having to reburn my 30-some accounts every 90 days. I was also tired of getting attacked by the lag monster and having to deal with cheaters and weirdos in the pubbies. Additionally, I've ended up being disappointed with the Ladder system - the "seasons" thus far have lasted far too long; I was hoping for more frequent resets.

Recently I've discovered the joys of SP - a mode I haven't played since I first purchased the game. Then I discovered the rather active SP community we have here (I honestly didn't realize they even existed until a few days ago) and downloaded a copy of ATMA, which is just simply the sweetest little muling utility I've ever seen. Now that I have a way to mule as well as trade items, I have no reason to play on BNet anymore. Happy days for me! :thumbsup:

The only thing I'll miss is not being able to slap DC around anymore (I could care less about the anni drop). I never get tired of whupping his arse. :lol:


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Well, I stopped playing D2 around the same time 1.10 came out, because I had grown bored of it.

I moved to FFXI which I played for a good 15 months. I acquired the highest possible level, most of the best items, and had many great friends, but time constraints forced me to quit.

I then tried out WoW. Got a lvl 45 char on a PvP server, a lvl 43 on a PvE server, and then realized I was getting bored of the repetitiveness.

My next MMORPG stop was Guild Wars, but I just dont like it much (at least not at the moment). Maybe one of my rl friends will get me playing it again, but in the meantime here I am again playing D2. It's a nice lil break from the grueling MMORPGs that force you to keep up or fall behind. I like playing at my leisure in between rl activities. I'll most likely try another MMORPG as soon as one comes out (I'm looking forward to Fantasy Earth even tho that's probably a way off), but as for now....here I am. lol :lol:

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LLD mostly. And duelling with my barb, defeating opponents with equipment worth 10 times what I use. And now my brave but oh so foolish attempt at HC !



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th5418 said:
I have done everything there has to be done on the game. Bot, maphack, make MF sorc, make meteorb sorc, hammerdin, IK set
...Then you've tried a very little part of what the game offers :lol: !

- Using hacks/bots/cheats completely ruins your gameplay. What's left to you when your bot does everything ?
- Building cookie-cutter characters (like you mention) doesn't bring anything to you. What's the point reading guides and following them word by word ?

I think you missed a lot of important aspects from D2. Why don't you try PvP, alternate/funky builds, teamplay (I mean real, untwinked teamplay), defensive/party friendly builds... ?

As a summary, before wondering, why don't you just play the game the way it was meant to be :p ???