What is Good HC Javazon Build


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What is Good HC Javazon Build

I was wondering what a good javazon build was for HC. Could you please post the stats I should put and what skills I should use. Thank you


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Lightning Fury and Charged Strike are your friend.

Str = enough for gear
Dex = enough for max block if you want, or enough to wear upped Titans
Vit = the rest
Eng = never

Lightning Fury = 20 points
Charged Strike = 20 points
Valk = 20 points
1+ = D/E/A

Gear = Javalins with replenishing quantities
Shield, Armour, Helm, Ammy, Rings, Boots, Gloves = Yes (try for resists and IAS)

Merc = Act 2
Probably will want Insight on him as your LF will drink mana fast

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