What is BIGGEST damage weapon possible?

What is BIGGEST damage weapon possible?

hi all

in our quest to create a character with the highest single hit damage possible we ran into the problem of needing the VERY highest dmg weapon.

first we thought about a eth 415% botd tundermaul, doing something like 1390 max.

then someone came up with the possibility of a rare eth tundermaul, with max ED, highest amount of damage added to max dmg, and as many soccets as possible (to put OHM's in) he thought 550% ed total would be possible, granting well over 1700 dmg.

now... what IS really possible?
how much ED can a rara eth tundermaul have?
and how many (and which) other mods could be on it?

wel... hope to hear from you, with advice how to (theoreticly) build that moost uber of uber, moost elite of elite damage weapon.


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Ya... funny question... I´m not sure but my proposal is:
prefixes (3 possible on rares):
cruel (--> 300% ed) + grandmasters (--> 200%ed) + jewelers (4 soc * 40% *** = 160%ed) = totally 660%ed
suffix: evisceration (--> +63 max dmg)

...It has of course nothing with real dmg calculation to do since it doesnt take speed into concideration and a TON of other important factors... just a funny thing. :lol:


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Thunder Maul :

Cruel +Masters = 450% (grandmasters not possible)
Slaughter : +20max (not sure on this one)
Max 2 sockets on rare : 2Xohm = 100%
Ethereal (self-repair)

afaik this is the highest possible dmg mod on rares, leaving T.Maul with about 1785 max dmg
A rare can spawn more mods..
The game could theoretically spawn all of these prefixes/suffixes on a rare item;

300 % (cruel)
150 % (master)
Evisceration (63 max)
Fool's, 74 max damage + tons of AR (based on character level)
Not 101 % certain atm, cause I'm on some public computer, don't have access to any resources, but I believe it's fairly accurate.

How about this eth thunder maul;

Blood Thirst
Thunder Maul
40 % Increased Attack Speed
450 % Enhanced Damage
Adds 20-63 Damage [Minimum Damage 20 + Evis]
74 To Maximum Damage (Based On Character Level) [Fool's]
1500ish To Attack Rating (Based On Character Level) [Fool's]
15 To Strength (Can't 101 % recall what's max in 1.10)
15 To Dexterity (Can't 101 % recall what's max in 1.10)
Prevent Monster Heal
9 % Life Stolen Per Hit
Ignore Target's Defense
40 % Chance Of Crushing Blow [2 x Ber]
Repairs 1 Durability In 20 Seconds
Etherereal (Cannot Be Repaired), Socketed (2)

My Druid is drooling for one of these, no problem spawning them in single player, I'll just add a cube recipe for rerolling rares with fixed mods in the cubemain.txt simply by hitting transmute, but b.net is another story...


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Your Thunder Maul has too many affixes, it's capped at 3 prefixes and 3 suffixes.

Some more rules:
Fool's cannot spawn with any ed/ar prefix.
Grinding cannot spawn with any ed prefix.
Of Slaugher +20 max is the highest +max dmg can go.
evis aint possible on rares, only on magic

fools doesn't give that much to max dmg, grinding does that, and doesn't add ar. in normal gameplay fools would be a LOT better (for the ar), but here only dmg count.

and i think there can be 30 str and dex max on a melee weapon

what i think is highest possible is under here.

Eth tundermaul

Cruel (300 ed)
Grinding + (0.75 Per Character Level) 0.75-74.25 To Maximum Damage
Master's +151-250 to Attack Rating, Damage: +101-150%

Atlas 30 str
Slaugther 20 max
Indistructible (self repair)

2 soccets (ohm ohm, giving 100% ed more)

normal tundermaul
180 max dmg

eth tundermaul
180 * 1.5 = 270

with ED
650% * 270 = 1755

with max dmg
1755 + 20 + 74 = 1849 @ lvl 99

that seems pretty nice, really neath shocking dmg :point: :flip:

if anyone knows how to get even more... i WANNA know :evil:


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Remove the Grinding prefix, as it can't spawn with Cruel (see my previous post) and add Mechanic's. Now you can have 2 sockets :)

Of the Atlas can spawn on hammers, so that's ok.
No dex at all can spawn on non-missile weapons.