What is "average" fc bear attackrating for pvp?


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What is "average" fc bear attackrating for pvp?

I want to see what everyone else is able of reaching. This is what i have;

9.3k vrs elementals / standard pvm
17.2 vrs barbs / common melee {add 1x angelic ring+amy}
22.7 vrs hammeradins {add hsarus's - gave up 40% fhr - only 50% fhr equiped}

Standardish gear, no demon limb, still missing 2x skillers & no use of +ar sc's.

What should I be reaching?

...should i go with the 22.7k vrs smiters or should i try to keep as much fhr as i can?

Queen Mebd

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Nice seeing other people with fc bears. Off the top of my head I want to say I get around 10k ar, give or take a little, with a 241 & 249 Ravenfrost. This seems to be fine verse other shifters and other low defense characters, naturally. I haven't tried dueling much else since I still need to pick up angelics.

Isn't that 22k range what wolfs with some points in werewolf seem to be able to hit with angelics? If that is the case maybe try getting close to that (it seems to work pretty well in the Kiba videos if nothing else). Maybe try using two angelic rings and getting the cbf somewhere else, that way you won't be giving up some some of that fhr. I'd think the fhr would be worth keeping, as while bears have a really quick 4 frame attack, the long fhr and fbr means you miss out on a lot of possible attacks each time you're hit and sent into recovery or blocking.

Hope that helps, I'll try some gear switches on my bear and post the results if I get a chance in the near future.


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My fc's standard setup uses raven, bk, and perf metalgrid (perf raven too)

it's enough AR for MOST characters, if it's not, I switch to wolf form (many FC forget that they can do this and boost AR enormously)

I get right under 20k w/o any angelics in bear form (19kish? I think)

I'll take some screenies later