What is a proper D3 console Witch Doctor build that co-ops with a Monk or Barb?


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My roommate and I are finally putting down Borderlands 2 and we've decided the next co-op game to play will be D3 on the 360. I only played D3 on the PC for about a month when it first came out, so I did not have any build plan for the Witch Doctor I built then. Now, my roommate wants to play with either the Barbarian or the Monk. He has never played the game and does not have a specific build in mind except to smash things in the face. I want to be a Witch Doctor, and I want to be the best co-op friendly WD that I can be. So with that, which direction should I go? AoE? Curses? Summoner?


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Witch Doctor:


The main skill synergy you want... cloud of bats on the WD with pickup range gear (only need about 7-15) while your monk buddy sucks everything in around you with cyclone. You use locust swarm to aggro everybody around you as well.

Just about every other skill/passive can be adjusted to fit what you have. But go for a big fat 2h weapon on the WD with life steal if you can.


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With a Monk or a Barb, you'll most likely want to become more of a ranged fighter, so skills like Acid Rain, Grasp of the Dead would work well. I would use the Plague Bats Rune for your Firebats so that you can use them at longer ranges, not a big fan of the bears personally. Big Bad Voodoo is a must for buffing damage for bosses/elite packs.