What In Nightmare could drop HoZ?


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According to the treasure calculator here:

the first few monsters (in descending order of probability of dropping a unique gilded shield) in Nightmare are:

Baal (N) 0.000064324
Diablo (N) 0.000062885
Mephisto (N) 0.000047595
Sharptooth Slayer (N) 0.000004945
Dac Farren (N) 0.0000049245
Frozenstein (N) 0.000004892
Magma Torquer (N) 0.000004892
Snapchip Shatter (N) 0.000004892
Blaze Ripper (N) 0.000004892
Pindleskin (N) 0.000004892
Hell's Belle (N) 0.000004892
Thresh Socket (N) 0.000004892
Axe Dweller (N) 0.0000048818
Vinvear Molech (N) 0.0000047348
Bonesaw Breaker (N) 0.000004725
Shenk the Overseer (N) 0.000004725
Eyeback the Unleashed (N) 0.0000047152
Eldritch the Rectifier (N) 0.0000047055
Infector of Souls (N) 0.0000044846
Lord De Seis (N) 0.0000044846
Nihlathak (N) 0.0000042379
Hephasto The Armorer (N) 0.0000039333
The Cow King (N) 0.0000038978
Izual (N) 0.0000037641
Darkwing (N) 0.0000036347
Riftwraith the Cannibal (N) 0.0000036124
Taintbreeder (N) 0.0000036124
The Tormentor (N) 0.000003605
The Smith (N) 0.0000022553
The Countess (N) 0.0000022464
Griswold (N) 0.0000022332
Duriel (N) 0.0000021542
Witch Doctor Endugu (N) 0.0000014221
Stormtree (N) 0.0000014192
Battlemaid Sarina (N) 0.0000014192
Radament (N) 0.0000010605

The numbers are the probability of the monster's dropping the HoZ expressed as a fraction.

Good Luck


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Like Crazy Runner Guy, I got mine off of an armor rack in the dungeons under Kurast in NM. In fact, it happened twice in fairly short order, but I haven't seen one since then, even in Hell mode.

I'd suggest to find an armor rack that seems to drop pretty high QLVL stuff, and then run it a lot with as high an MF as you can reasonably wear and still be efficient. The HoZ is most definitely worth it!

Good luck! :thumbsup:


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Here's a list from d2data.net for tc51 (HoZ's class)

  • Griswold Hell 1.19496137
    The Smith Hell 1.19496137
    Cow King Hell 1.19496137
    Diablo(1st Kill) Nightmare 0.71346617
    Baal(1st Kill) Nightmare 0.70474093
    Diablo Nightmare 0.62428290
    Baal Nightmare 0.61664832
    Mephisto(1st Kill) Hell 0.61295351
    Diablo(1st Kill) Hell 0.58509567
    Baal(1st Kill) Hell 0.57164519
    Mephisto Hell 0.53633432
    Mephisto(1st Kill) Nightmare 0.53396233
    Diablo Hell 0.51195871
    Baal Hell 0.50018954
    DiabloClone Nightmare 0.49942632
    Mephisto Nightmare 0.46721704
    Dac Farren Nightmare 0.46486961
    Sharptooth Slayer Nightmare 0.46486961
    Death Brigadier Nightmare 0.45418295
    Demon Sprite Nightmare 0.45418295
    Hell Temptress Nightmare 0.45418295
    Blood Lord Nightmare 0.45418295
    Thresh Socket Nightmare 0.45418295
    Frozenstein Nightmare 0.45418295
    Snapchip Shatter Nightmare 0.45418295
    Pindleskin Nightmare 0.45418295
    Vile Witch Nightmare 0.44923584
    Shenk The Over Nightmare 0.44923584
    Eldritch The Recti Nightmare 0.44923584
    Eyeback Unleashe Nightmare 0.44923584
    Bonesaw Breaker Nightmare 0.44923584