What I'd like to see Challenge Rifts become


Diabloii.Net Member
The following is what I thought (or hoped) Challenge Rifts would be like. “Here’s a build someone created around some unused/unusual skill(s) and/or item(s), and this is the best they have done so far. See if you can do better.” That’s just not the feeling I get from the current system. As it is now, it seems like a lot of them look like they are just in the process of acquiring items, or maybe testing/playing around with some idea and not really trying to make a unique/unusual build.

My suggestion is that Blizzard should use “submitted builds”, instead of using their algorithm to pick some random run that most likely was just someone screwing around. Here’s how I see it working.
  • Outline the criteria they want for Challenge Rift eligibility, so we know what they are looking for.
  • Add an option at Orek to let us submit our previous run for consideration if we think it was worthy.
  • Limit us to just ONE submission per week, so we would have a choice to make as to when we were ready to make a “Challenge” (as well as keeping from overwhelming submissions).
  • Possibly allow us to include a short description of our reasoning/theme for the design of our “build”.
  • It would also be really great if they had a Challenge Rift for every class each week.