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What I want Diablo 3 to have/be...

Discussion in 'Diablo 3 General Discussion' started by martymart, Oct 13, 2014.

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    I want Greater Rifts to not have Orlash or terror demons. Ever.

    I want Queen Aranae to not be a bounty. Ever.

    I want to be able to play a Cold, Lightning, or Arcane Wizard and be fully competent compared to Fire. I want Tal Rasha to be either a Cold set or a set for all elements using the Archon change I want below, and Vyr's to be an arcane set, and for there to be a Lightning set. I also want all classes to have a set designed to put out competent performance in high Grifts for every single one of their "elements" (Holy, Poison, Physical as well). I want Mirror Images to -stay- out until they are killed.

    I want Arcane Orb - Scorch to be changed to Arcane Orb - Fireball and function exactly like the Diablo 2 fireball spell, with no really stupid and idiotic ground effect nonsense that nobody uses, ever.

    I want Ray of Frost to always pierce. Always.

    I want channeled abilities to have a much higher damage ramp-up in a shorter time frame.

    I want Ramaladni's Gift to drop much more often, or be a series quest reward that you complete similar to Hellfire Rings/Amulets.

    I want Archon to be removed as an active cooldown and changed to a passive that replaces Elemental Exposure. When you use the different elemental attacks, you build up "elemental power" (say, 10 points of Fire/Cold/Lightning/Arcane) and transform automatically into the Archon with large damage bonuses for a period of time. The buildup would be its own cooldown.

    I want Legendary weapons and armor to all have a special legendary affix. All of them. I want Legendary weapons and armor to not have a "lower tier" damage roll bracket. I.e. - no 2900 damage 2-handed weapons, ever.

    I want Frozen to not do damage as it builds up. I want Jailer not to do damage whatsoever. I want Vortex to be avoidable with a ground telegraph. I want the walls created by Waller not to be totally impervious and impenetrable barriers. I want them to be able to be destroyed, like Wall of Bone on Diablo 2.

    I want Helltooth set to make your Zombie Charger spell have the effects of all runes or better yet, create permanent pet zombies, and triple the damage of Wall of Zombies as well as make it have the effect of all runes. Runes should be changed to better fit with this set.

    I want Barbarian Fury, Monk Spirit, and Crusader Wrath generators to have an added 200% to their damage across the board. I want melee damage resistance to be 50%, not 30%.

    I want offhand items to have the possible affix of "Increases damage against elites by X%" so the monarchy held by Furnace can be broken.

    I want Secondary affixes not to count as an enchant change, or possible for both of them to be reforged into a single Primary affix.

    I want the Paragon system to have another tab ---- one where you can add points to skills to increase their damage by X% per point. (however it works out best, but I'm sure Blizzard will make it extremely weak and watered down if they do that).

    I want gem effects in weapons other than Emeralds to be doubled/tripled/fixed, so that the monarchy held by Emeralds in weapons can be broken. I want Emerald slotted helm effects to be changed to "Reduces resource costs by X%."

    I want Sapphires to make their debut. I want them to add "Restores X primary resource on hit" when slotted in weapons. I want them to add "Reduces damage from Elites by X%" slotted in armor. I want them to add "Reduces duration of control effects by X%" when slotted into helms.

    I want Skulls to make their debut. I want them to add "Reduces damage of enemies hit by X% for X seconds" when slotted into weapons. I want them to add "Increases Life per Second by X%" when socketed into armor. I want them to add "Increases duration of Shrine effects by X seconds" when added to helms.

    I want less RNG across the board. I want Hellfire amulets/rings to always have a socket when crafted.

    I want more transmog options.

    I want MANY more dye options, including a deep rich royal Blue, a deep rich royal Purple, a deep rich blood Red, and a deep rich hunter Green. The human eye can differentiate between 1 million colors in optimal laboratory conditions.

    I want them to add microtransactions in which you can purchase old classes and buy an additional character slot with that purchase. I want the Druid, Necromancer, and Assassin available through this, with male and female versions of each. I would pay $10 for each one seperately.

    I want Wildwood to have %X bonus to Poison damage.

    I want Mark of the Magi staff to add %X bonus to arcane damage.

    I want Wormwood to add %X bonus to Poison damage.

    I want The Executioner to have affix: "Deal 40% bonus damage to enemies under 50% health."

    I want Messerschmidtt's Reaver to have a BONUS socket as its Legendary affix.

    I want Crushbane to have a % chance to stun (a high chance) on hit as its Legendary affix.

    I want Sledge of Athskeleng to have a chance to cause an Earthquake on hit as its Legendary affix.

    I want Zweihander to have a %chance to reflect 300% damage as its Legendary affix.

    I want Blackguard to have a %chance to block as per a shield as its Legendary affix.

    I want Warmonger to have % bonus to Physical damage as its Legendary affix.

    I want The Grandfather to have a % chance to double its attack speed as its Legendary affix.

    I want these things because MOAR.
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