What Happened?


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This site feels like a wasteland. I see "800 Members Online" with the average post being years apart. The last post in the on some of the strategy guides is over 6 years. I remember this site when there were new rares getting posted on the main page before Lord Of Destruction released.

I know Diablo 2 is pretty much dead. This is shocking though.


Diablo 3 happened and a lot of folk walked away or went back to D2. We are in a down period between games, and as D3 didn't live up to expectations, discussion there wasn't quite as exciting as D2 was. It's to be expected.


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It is quiet here, but there's still a number of people that still check in. For example, the new KTA Hardcore run that's starting with the new ladder.

Ultimately, D2 is an old game so a lot of the player base has moved on to other games, and with the rise of things like Discord and such like I guess people don't have much time for forums. Especially the younger generation.

But there's still people hanging around. :)


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The SPF is still really active, with new members still joining. But for BNet the forums have indeed gone very, very quiet. But that's to be expected for such an old game, no? In SP we still find out a lot of new ways to increase efficiency and do whacky builds and stuff, but for BNet, what is there left to say?