what gives more ed or the str


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what gives more ed or the str

I would think the ed would give more but if I had to pick out of these jewels to put in my titans armor which would you do?


All are ed/str and i just want to put the right ones in ... i figured the 40/7 and 40/9 are no brainers and was thinking the 39/5 and 405 as well. But was just wondering if the 34/8 would give more damage than the ed? I'm almost positive it will but want to double check before i socket my stuff.


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Not ignoring ya Voice. Just i think its str but not sure too Ill do some checking.

Weapon Damage:
Weapon Minimum Damage = Base Minimum Damage * (1+ (+x % Enhanced Damage)/100) + (+x to Minimum Damage)
Weapon Maximum Damage = Base Maximum Damage * (1+ (+x % Enhanced Damage)/100) + (+x to Maximum Damage)
+x % Enhanced Damage and +x to Minimum/Maximum Damage in this case is only what is shown on the weapon.

Total Damage:
Minimum Damage = (Weapon Minimum Damage + (+x To Minimum Damage)) * (1 + StatBonus + (+x% Enhanced Damage) / 100)) * Modifier
Maximum Damage = (Weapon Maximum Damage + (+x To Maximum Damage)) * (1 + StatBonus + (+x % Enhanced Damage) / 100)) * Modifier
+x % Enhanced Damage = all +x % Enhanced Damage from different items (jewels in armor/helm/shield, Lionheart etc.) and skills (both your skills, and others auras and Heart of Wolverine). Enhanced damage versus demons/undead is put here as well.
'+x To Minimum/Maximum Damage' in this case is from items other than the weapon (armor and charms).You could add +x to Minimum/Maximum Damage in the next formula, but I choose to add it here since when it comes from other than weapon, it isn't displayed on the weapon.
StatBonus = a damage bonus you get from your strength and/or dexterity (depends on what kind of weapon you're using).
Hammers (War Hammer, Maul, Great Maul and their excep and elite counterparts) : 1.10*str / 100
Daggers, Throwing Weapons and Assassin Claws: (0.75*str / 100) + (0.75*dex / 100)
Bows and Crossbows: dex / 100
Amazon Only Spears/Javelins: (0.80*str / 100) + (0.50 *dex /100)
Other Weapons: str / 100

Here: Helps i hope.


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Here's an easy summary.

1 str = 1% ED.

So a 40/9 jewel gives 49% ED.

A 39/5 jewel gives 44% ED.

Unless you're using like a legendary mallot etc. which get 1.1% ED per point in strength, or if you're using daggers, javelins(.75% ED per point), or bows (no %ED per point).