What gems/runes do you keep when playing untwinked?


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Today Manda, the untwinked amazon, reached act 2 in nightmare and made the decision to part with most of her gems.

I play without any kind of extened stash and want to figure out what gems and runes my amazon will have use for later on.

Below is a list of gems and runes I feel might be useful.

Perfect emeralds for weapon upgrades
Perfect diamonds for armor upgrades
Perfect rubys for crafting blood belts
Perfect sapphires for crafting hit power gloves.

Tal for crafting blood belts and armor upgrades
Ral for weapon upgrades
Ort for crafting hit power gloves.
Shael for IAS/FHR and armor upgrades
Sol for weapon upgrades
Hel to remove items from sockets
Lum for weapon upgrades
Ko for armor upgrades

What did I miss? What gems and runes do you keep when playing untwinked and why?
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It really depends but you are Missing RWs on that list. Lore, Harmony, Treachery, Smoke to name a few.
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material for hit power gloves if you want knockback
Good point! I find that most of the time I try to socket my bow with a Nef rune but knockback together with a bow is nice and hit power gloves is a popular way of attaining this ability. Edit: I added the required materials to the list in the OP.

It really depends but you are Missing RWs on that list. Lore, Harmony, Treachery, Smoke to name a few.
True! I looked over the list of runewords myself today and I noticed that Lionheart looks like a sweet armor for my glass cannon strafer. I haven't found a Fal rune yet but shouldn't take long for one to shows up. Might take longer to find a fitting armor to put the runes in.

Depending on character the list of useful runewords would be pretty substantial, though. Many of them require runes that are quite easy to find but my amazon is in act 2 nightmare now and the highest runes she's found are Lum and Io. If one is looking to make runewords with runes higher than Shael (like Smoke or Lionheart) before reaching nightmare or in early nightmare it will require some luck. No idea of the actual numbers here though, this is just speculation from what I've seen in-game (1.14b).

are you going with a bowazon, javazon or a hybrid?
Sorry, I didn't see your question before posting.

I'm running an untwinked strafing glass cannon bowazon in vanilla softcore LOD 1.14b. :)
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Sounds fun! Good luck :)
Thank you!

It is fun! Well, at least most of the time. :)
Today I have cleared all tombs in Act 2 except the one true tomb on /p8 and the mummies are testing my patience now and then. Tomorrow it's time to kill Duriel on /p8... yeah, it will probably take quite some time with my upgraded Wizendraw.

Hardcore would be fun, but concidering my first death was to Fangskin in Claw Viper Temple on normal, I feel like I need a little more practice before I start playing hardcore. :)