what gear does your merc wear?


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what gear does your merc wear?

since it is so open in terms of base weapon, what runeword, what sockets, all the uniques/rares/set/magical, what to shoot for in armor (def, life, +skills, DR), and the same goes for all helms, what is your particular setup (or dream setup for that matter)?

in particular, mercs for fishymancers


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Dream setup I don't know, but my current Skelemancer merc setup is:
- a +4 Ariocs needle, currently nothing socketed in it
- an Andariels Visage, socketed with a RAL to compensate for the -fire resist
- a Naj plate, current nothing socketed

I might replace the armor with another +1 armor, but I don't yet know what to give my Bowazon merc (currently wearing Leviathan) --- if he gets my +1 Arkaine then the Skelemancer merc will probably stay as he is now, else the Skelemancer merc gets the Arkaine.

And I'm also planning a Bonemancer... he'll be getting a runeword (the one with the Meditation aura; IIRC it's cheap), but he still needs armor and helmet as well :)

The main intention was to get the +skills up on the merc, since this boosts warrior damage. Can't help the mages, since the conviction runeword is way too expensive.


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My skellymancer merc wears Hone Sundan for the sweet Crushing Blow against bosses, Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest for some survivability (resists, life, life leech) and a Duriel's Shell for more survivability and the very nice Cannot Be Frozen.

I think it's very important to get some Crushing Blow, which is why Hone Sundan would be my #1 weapon choice. Armor/helm aren't really that important since the mercenary is well protected by curses/skellys/golem. I'm considering switching to Guillaume's Face for even more Crushing Blow.


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I use Ariocs on my Skellymancer, and I think it is very effective. The +4 to his might aura helps out all of my minions.

A good basic setup for any act II merc is any of the elite poles or runewords(nothing with CTC a curse,) a LL helm (tal's is on most of mine,) resist armor (Duriel's Shell is a nice cheap option.)


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my gimp merc uses....

Grim's Burning Dead unique grim scythe
Rattlecage(Crushing Blow rocks, but terror sucks)
Duskdeep for resists

Hes pretty survivable as long as he isnt the target of 2+ monsters.

I know I need to get him some leech and better armor and maybe a better scythe but hes doing ok for now.

Does 700-1400 dmg mighted.


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wow, such different variety :D
i see some people going for +skills while others are going for damage/survivability (a little more so on the latter compared to the +skill group).

im confused though, why do so little use gaze instead of tal's crest? because of price or because the resists on tals make that much of a difference?


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dirt cheap

2% more leech on tals

more life on tals i think

resists on tals



dmg reduction

magic dmg reduce

cold dmg

(mostly because its expensive, and tals is almost as good, except for the damage reduction)


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obedience thresher (very underrated imho)
4x ias/life armor (ornate/89)

no ll, but he doesnt get hit very often anyway. actually, i think ll on a necs merc is a waste of space most of the time.

my dream setup would be:

with beast on my hand so he swings super fast (for speedy act boss kills)


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sequoia said:
more life? i didn't know any of them added life. how much?
Tals mask adds 60 to life, that and the 15 allres, plus the LL make it the best deal around. My Bone/summoner's merc wears it along with an up'd IceBlink and an Insight eth partizan.


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what about an um rune in gaze? wouldn't that be better/cheaper overrall than a tal's with say, ber in it?

sir goatscelot

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Hmm..lets see, for mfing I use eth ptopaz shako, coh, and eth 277 ed 3socket tombreaver ;)

For regular play, same thing except for eth +4 needle :) To be honest, thats kinda of a pricey/lucky set up and most might not be able to do that..

A more budget oriented set up is shaft, kiras, and anything you have with good mods including leech.. ie) Hone, Meatscraper, rares, etc etc. Rockstopper is great as well and as others have mentioned, Duriels shell, Caw crow. etc etc blah blah blah. Good luck.

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mine used this set up:

vamp gaze (near perfect)
Insight Thresher Non-Eth(17med aura :) )
Lion Heart Great Hurblict (or watever the elite breatplate is)

he has no +skills but i can kill most as soon as one corps appears with corps explosion.

im saving up for a beast weapon but its going to take a little while.

he has good ll also and good pdr so he lasts through most onslaughts even wen all skellies die.


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I don't like the tal helm, prefer the CB on guillame's. I get the life leech (8%) and res from CoH instead. My fishymancer's hireling uses an upped kelpie snare for baal, I tried an stealskull (5% life steal, 72mf w/ptopaz, def) but losing the CB slowed things down enough that it wasn't worth it.


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sequoia said:
damnit -_- yet another differing opinion
Of course.

There's different uses for mercs, and different environments. My Bowazon merc, for example, still has trouble surviving --- for my Skelemancer merc this is nothing to worry about, so I can concentrate on other aspects of his gear.

Now, some people like crushing blow on the merc --- I don't feel the need for this (most of the time the merc isn't even hitting anything because it's all finished by the time he gets there, or it's too crowded for him to reach anything), so I prefer to raise the level of his Might aura as much as possible to help my skellies instead.

People have different needs for their merc, and the gear usually reflects this :)

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For a skelliemancer I'd focus on +skills, skellies should do the dmg and not the merc. You can always get a upped kelpies for Baal, but for regular play a +4ariocs looks better imho.

I'd go:

Eth Andariels
eth Ariocs
Eth (whatever you want/can afford, and eth stone is nice, eth duress, eth coh,.... too many options)

Andys Visage is soooo nice:

(100-150)% Enhanced Defense
+(25-30) to Strength
Fire Resist +-30%
Poison Resist +70%
10% To Maximum Poison Resist
20% Increased Attack Speed
(8-10)% Life Stolen per Hit
+2 To All Skill Levels
15% Chance To Cast Level 15 Poison Nova When Struck
Level3 Venom (20 Charges)

ias, skills, ll, strenght, nice defense, nothing beats it imho.



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Eth Reapers Toll (Shael)(May change)
Eth Vamp Gaze (Shael)(Dunno why)
Uppd Shaft (Cham)

This is a holy freeze merc, Dec + Holy Freeze + Clay Golem = mega slow, takes care of pretty much any mob ive faced. Shaft and gaze give 45% pdr as well...