what exactly does crushing blow do


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IIRC....if crushing blow is successful it removes 1/4 of the monster life remaining (kind of like static) or 1/10 on bossess/uniques

dbl damage is critical hit/strike not crushing blow?

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GrizzlyGraham said:
so i can kill every monster 4 hits so would i be able to kill the ubbers in 8 hits each i have 100% crushing blow.
No. Crushing blow removes a percentage of the monster's current life, not max life.


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i know it adds damage more than double but how much
Crushing Blow
This is a chance of reducing a monster's health by X% in a single blow.

-Default: 1/4th
-vs. Players: 1/10th
-vs. Hirelings: 1/10th
-vs. Champions, Uniques, Bosses: 1/8th
-with missile weapons, default: 1/8th
-with missile weapons, vs. Players: 1/20th
-with missile weapons, vs Hirelings: 1/20th
-with missile weapons, vs Champions, Uniques, Bosses: 1/16th

The life removed is also scaled with number of players. So that if a monster has 450% more life due to 8 players (or whatever the value is) the life removed is further reduced by the same amount (450% would equal multiplying by 4.5 so the life removed by Crushing Blow is divided by 4.5).

*It is possible to get up to 100% chance for Crushing Blow. Anything above 100% is discarded.
* Physical resistance does apply to Crushing Blow damage, but only if the resistance is positive.
* Crushing Blow Items stack in most cases.
* Since 1.10 Crushing Blow is calculated before your normal damage. So, before doing the damage that you would normally do, there is a chance you will reduce the health of the monster by X% then normal damage apply to the resulting lower life. If you have more than one item with Crushing Blow, the probabilities will be added together. There will be one random check for a Crushing Blow. There is no check for each separate item, so one can not get multiple Crushing Blows in one attack.

You can read it like that on arreat summit
Some people really should start searching more before asking things like these:scratch:

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Crushing blow doesn't kill in four hits.

To answer your four hit kill quesiton, no, it works on percent life. Say Uber Mephesto has 100,000 k life. In one hit, with CB doing 1/8th on bosses, he would lose 12.5% of 100,000, bringing him down to 875,000. The next hit would be 12.5% of 875,000, and thus would bring him down less the second, and further sequential hits. when I do ubers with my smiter, the uber bosses HP goes down quickly, but after it gets half and lower, the CB ratio to my actual smite damage is reveresed, so instead of doing more damage with Cb, my low smiter damage does more, so it may take me longer to cause x amount of damage(Say, 100,000 - 20,000 of his life) than y amount of damage. (20,000 - 0)


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100000 100,000 100000
1st hit 87500 86,500 91,500
2nd hit 76563 74,688 83,638
3rd hit 66992 64,352 76,365
4th hit 58618 55,308 69,637
5th hit 51291 47,394 63,415
6th hit 44880 40,470 57,658
7th hit 39270 34,411 52,334
8th hit 34361 29,110 47,409
9th hit 30066 24,471 42,853
10th hit 26308 20,412 38,639
11th hit 23019 16,861 34,741
12th hit 20142 13,753 31,136
13th hit 17624 11,034 27,801
14th hit 15421 8,655 24,716
15th hit 13493 6,573 21,862
16th hit 11807 4,751 19,222
17th hit 10331 3,157 16,781
18th hit 9040 1,763 14,522
19th hit 7910 542 12,433
20th hit 6921 dead 10,500

Assuming you hit 100% of the time (smite) with 100% CB -- monsters starting life is 100,000

the 1st column applies only CB damage

Second column adds weapon damage of 1000/per hit

Third column is weapon damage of 1000 and the monster having a 5% life regen in between hits.

These are approximations -- but may help see how damage is applied with crushing blow

edit: grrr what a formating mess -- dont have time to reapir now -- hopefully you can decipher it :0