What drops in the pit?


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What drops in the pit?

Yeah...if the title didn't explain it :scratch: then heres the question:

What can I expect to be dropped in the Pit (levels 1 + 2)?
What cant the Pit NOT drop?

I know people are running it for all sorts of items, but what would the chances be compared to like lets say Meph or Pindle

thanks everyone


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ANything. normal monster can drop most things expect a few high level uniques. Champ/unique ones can drop anything in the game.


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is this Pit good to run in nightmare? or only Hell?

excuse me if it's a dumb question - i'm just not very experienced in runs, and difficulty levels (like where to run, and what difficulty is best, and what monsters)


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Normal monsters in Pit can drop everything except Aracnid Mesh, Azurewrath and Tyrael's Might. Bosses/champs can drop everything.

If you are looking for items like Harlequin Crest, Shaftstop, Stormshield (and other mid-rare items) you should run Meph. He can drop every single item except those from TC81 and higher. For those high-end items lvl 85 areas and Baal are the best options


@ Baal

Pit is worth running only on hell difficulty


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Now that you know that anything can be dropped, you will be drawn to do endless Pit runs like the rest of us! MWAHHAHAHAHAHA!

Ahem. Sorry about that.