What does V1.09 Werewolf need?


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Could you please give some info on what equipment he uses. It's impossible to tell you what could be better without knowing what you're currently using.


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Did u take that screenshot in 1.09 cuz if u hit 10000 + it says K instead of 3 zeros? Are you pvm or pvp? If you are pvp work on Attack rating, if u are pvm work on resists


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i don't know about 1.09 (it's been so damn long >.<) but as far as 1.10 goes, i can get up to 6.4k life with base vit due to lotsa life charms (like 39) and then there's my waterwalks (63life), a dwarfstar, and some other basic +life gear (no +life/lvl, or +% to max life since it isn't affected by shifting or oak)
oh, and a high lvl shift helps as well (37+)
Edit: 6.4k is after oak sage