What does it say...


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When I put the staff in and hit the checkmark, a text box VERY briefly flashes. I see it everytime and recognize there are words, but I can never read it. A similar text box appears when you socket or imbue, but I seem to recall I've been able to read those (can't rememeber what they say if I have.)


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1.11, but it's in every version I think.

It lingers around a few microseconds longer on Bnet. In SP it is sometimes hard to even see the thing.


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Oh ****, I've never noticed this. Is it a possible Easter Egg? *goes off and Googles some answers*


The next time you put the staff, take a screenshot! I myself never even noticed there was a textbox, as most of the others here, so you're probably our best bet to solve the mistery of the misterious textbox! :fortuneteller:


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I _think_ it says something like "waiting for confirmation", but can't be 100% sure.


soul killer

I have noticed this, didnt think much of it till now though.
Im 99% sure it says "Please Wait..."
Why dont you go and get one of your chars rushed and see for yourself.:grin:


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I never noticed this until the other day when I was MP'ing and there was terrible lag. For the first time that I could remember, I read the message. I can't remember it all now, but it definitely said something like 'Please wait processing, awaiting confirmation.' The words processing and confirmation seem to stick in my mind.

sirpoopsalot said:
Is this a bad joke? or just the opening for one? :ziplip:

Alas, it was an opportunity missed...:sad2:


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Try it on a slow computer. I don't recall exactly what it is either but I second that it's something like "please wait".

edit: zomg 2k posts!! God I'm awesome... :rolleyes:


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I think it says "Awaiting confirmation of transaction", but I'm not completely sure, or it could be something similar


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colony said:
I think it says "Awaiting confirmation of transaction"...
That's the one! I remember it now (after reading above) from seeing it just only a few days ago.

Edit: It struck me as being rather odd at the time... I'm not 'transacting' anything, just sticking a bit of wood into an orifice.

Edit2: No jokes...


Odd. Mine gives a detailed explanation of why Blizzard chose not to make the uber quests available in SP. It seems Durf was involved to a certain extent.

- Noodle


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It stays up much longer on b.net as it "transacts" with the b.net server to make sure you aren't using a hacked item to stick in the hole etc.

Everytime I saw it I waited for something to crash, or lag out and I'd lose my staff and have to do it all over again, or my character would get bugged and not be able to do it again and not be able to move on either. But it worked everytime.

- If you throw a NM staff on the ground in a Norm game (while muling maybe) It can no longer be used in NM to put in the hole, same goes for Hell staves if you put them on the ground in NM or Norm. You have to throw that one away and build a new one.
- If you enchant the staff before you try to put it in the whole it wont work. You have to wait for the enchant to wear off.