what does freeze target do ?


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what does freeze target do ?

hi i wanted to know what freeze target does, the effect from cham rune and all freeze target +3 i dont really understand


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This is what Arreat Summit has to say about Freezes Target:

Hit Freezes Target
This bonus is pretty obvious. Items with Hit Freezes Target has a chance to Freeze Targets. Formulae:

The chance of freezing is 50 + (AL + (B*4) - DL) * 5

AL = attacker level
DL = defender level
B = freeze bonus from item (default is 1)

if it's ranged, the AL has a -6 penalty.
if it's ranged, the chance is divided by 3

freeze length = (chance - roll) * 2 + 25 frames
with a minimum length of 25 frames (1 second) and a maximum length of 250 frames (10 seconds)

PS: It's also a useful mod when you want monsters to shatter (like on IK set for example).


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In gameplay terms, the monsters (non-cold immune) turn blue and stop moving when freeze target takes effect. If the killing blow is made when they are frozen the monsters shatter leaving no corpse.


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I'm searching thru this forum, but haven't found the answer yet.

Does cold damage charms stack with the random freeze length that is generated?

I know the length stacks with freezing arrow, but I don't know about chance to freeze items.

I'm using iceblink right now on my strafer, and it's kind of nice when all the monsters just stand still... :) I'm in act1 hell right now, and the freeze length is very low. Just wondering if stacking cold damage sc would work.

Note to self: Find more cold damage small charms.


1) I think cold works like pioson. I believe it averages the freeze time but i could be wrong

2) As for your low freeze length in hell. I'll bet almost anything that there is a reduction on freeze length, just like there is on everything else in hell.


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netmc said:
Does cold damage charms stack with the random freeze length that is generated?
If the total chill time from equipment is longer than the freeze duration of Hit Freezes Target, then monsters will be chilled after the freeze ends. Otherwise you don't see monsters being chilled at all as the chill and freeze lengths don't stack.