What do you think the odds are of me getting my old job back? der=


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What do you think the odds are of me getting my old job back?

I worked at this place from right when it first opened in April 2005 to May 2006. Then in about January/February my old GM got fired and we got this new lady who i (along with everybody else) just flat out hated. We managed to keep almost all of the original staff for nearly a full year, then she came around, in less than a month we lost almost all of the original workers. I stuck around for a few extra months and i just got tired of her **** and quit, i didnt get a 2 week notice, i just gave her a one day notice, "Im not going to be able to work tomorrow or at all anymore" and i just walked out so things didnt go down in an argument.

Now months later, i've gone through another job, and i realize i took that job forgranted. It was very low pay, but the managers (aside from the GM) were great, the co-workers were cool, the job was nice and clean, they respected my school schedule, and they never attempted to take advantage of the scheduling. I had every single one of those problems in my most recent job, and i regret taking that one forgranted. Now im in college and i find it extremely difficult to work on schoolwork and a regular job, so im considering trying to reapply.

Everyone loved me there (some managers are still around), even the GM really liked me, and i was a very good and reliable worker. So its not like i left on a super bad note, i just hated the GM's personality and it interfered with my work. Do you think if i were to reapply, that i would have a shot at getting the job?
Learn to not worry about asking. Asking never hurts. Unless your asking a woman to dance and her husband walks up with a knife and/or gun. Man that hurts, having to have to leave an unfinished beer behind as you haul arse out the door.


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talk to some of the other workers and find out if the lady that everyone hated is gone yet, if shes not there anymore then it would be worth another try

but some larger companys dont rehire previous employees at all


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Try it. Best option would be to find out who is left out of the people you knew, talk to the one in the best position to get you a job there, and explain what you've just explained to us. It'll cost you maybe a half hour of your time plus whatever time it takes to research who's left, and sure, you'll have to swallow your pride... but if they say no, leave a resume anyway. You never know. It can't hurt your chances, after all.


Try. Worst that can be said to you is no.

I would be surprised if you did get it back though. Leaving with no warning is a good way to burn a bridge, even if the GM was a *****.


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Yeah i think i might give it a shot sooner or later, and i dont know any of the workers there anymore. Just two managers, but i dont talk to them outside of the job anymore.

And yeah it was a small Reebok store, not exactly the most formal place.