What do you think is the worst type of sexual perversion?

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pedophile is the worst

necrophilia is bad

beastiality is also bad and it transfers deseases

incest and same sex is also perverted and bad


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Technetium said:
Actually, that's not an accurate definition.

Pedophilia relates specifically to sexual attraction to a prepubescent child. Attraction to a person within the age of adolescence (the time between the beginning of sexual development to the time where one is fully sexually matured), generally speaking between 12 and 17, is referred to as hebephilia.
When you claimed hebephilia, I had no idea what you were talking about. I'm more familiar with the term ephebophilia.

Anyways, I was referring to a child in American and foreign societies, defined by the sexual age of consent (the average age being about 16), which I thought was 18, but I just checked that now. So, I guess I reform my post to say "about 15 and younger," instead. Literally, though, you're right.

Laws hurt my head.