What do you take time to pick up?


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What do you take time to pick up?

Lots of items drop while playing Diablo 2. Tons when using higher players settings. Which do you stop to pick up?

I imagine the majority of us pick up every charm and jewel to ID, but what else do you bother with?

Personally, throughout my SP playing, I've collected every rune and 99% of the gems that drop, something I did not do on Battle.net. Otherwise, I look for items that can sell for lots of gold (Sorc and Nec wands, Armors), any rings and amulets that drop, and I also ID most rares.

Some magic items, usually elites, I stop to pick up occasionally to see their modifiers. I also usually check out class specific items for +skills, but not always.

Obviously I pick up the exceptional and elite sets/uniques, and will check out most all uniques unless I've been seeing that particular one drop a lot lately. Grailers are a must.

Anyway I guess that about covers it. How about you all?


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I pick pretty much any set or unique, unless they´re breastplates :azn:
I also pick runes, gems and jewels almost every time they drop, and the occasional rare item. Very rarely, I´ll pick elite white items like collosus blades, or similar, just in case I wanna use them later on for imbue/socket purposes.
Of course, charms and jewels are a must pick, just in case.


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I quit picking up armour that sells for good money because I can carry 2 or 3 wands/orbs that can sell for the same amount of money in the armours place and then I have to make less trips to town.

I also pick up all blue barb helms (searching for the ellusive +5 bo helm)

The rest is pretty much the same as Joe



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Depends on what stage of the game I'm in. If its a new character, I pick up everything for the few 2-3 acts. Then I narrow that down to blues, yellows, gems, charms, runes, gold, uniques, set items. After that (usually NM), just yellows, gems, charms, runes, gold, uniques, set items. Thats about that I stick to till the end of the character.
I pick up all runes, jewels, perfect gems, charms and rare items. Usually normal quality pally shields, as I need a good one for my LLDer.


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Runes: Thul and above.
Charms/Jewels: All.
Gems: Flawless and above (for cubing into PGems for rolling GCs a la DarkChaos)
Items: Useful white/gray/superior/ethereal base items for runewords.
Sets: Useful set items, and/or rarer set items that I may or may not have found yet (currently 4 set items left in 1.11b)
Uniques: Again, uniques that I deem useful (includes all class specific ones) and ones I don't have that many copies of. I will also continue to pick up interesting uniques until I can get one with really good rolls on the variable stats.


For runes, i pick every rune ups. You never know that you gonna need it to cube up to Zod. I pick all greens and gold up. If it happens that i got plenty of them, like green breastplate, i'll sell them for golds. I also pick up elite blue item and class specific items to check the mods, and sell them. They often can be sold for 35000 golds.

EDIT: I do pick up all gems also even chipped one. :laugh:


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I think by local standards, I think I'm fairly wealthy. That means:
(hmmm.... let's see what I can remember off the top of my head :scratch:)

Runes: Shael+
Gems: Flawed+
Jewels: All (crafting, FTW)
Charms: All
Sets: Elite/Useful only (i.e. pickup Tal's Mask/belt, discard Hwanin's crap, etc.)
Uniques: All, but I immediately discard almost all of the non-eth normal and exceptionals (keep useful ones, discard the rest)
Gold: ~50%, depending on the relative pile size for the area I'm in and if it's a melee build with higher item-repair costs. This can factor into the occasional armour pickup too.
Gray Items: assorted ones, depending upon sockets and/or eth and/or superior status - most are immediately discarded
Circlets, Gloves and Boots: Almost every rare, occasionally there's a nice one
High TC Rare Weapons: depends on available inventory space & desired run speed (and item type and ethereal-ness)
Rare Crystal Swords/Dimensional Blades: All, once I reach Hell difficulty
Rare Class-Specifics: All, once I reach NM


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What everyone said.

Actually, what I pick up somewhat depends on what char I play. If i'm playing my Tal's Sorc then i'll pick up a lot more gold etc ... because I use TK alll the time and it's much faster that way. Plus, if you're doing LK runs on p8 then sometimes you'll get a lot of stuff coming out of those chests and you'll need to pick up gold and whatnot just to clear piles so you can see everything properly.


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Elite uniques/set items (Assuming I dont already have loads of them).
Runes above Lum (Not that they ever drop).


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Dornak said:
I'm curious. Why these as opposed to other rare weapons?
I'm guessing but maybe the idea is to get a good ethereal rare crystal sword or dimensional blade and then upgrade it to a Phase Blade? That way it will be indestructible but still have the ethereal damage bonus. Why only in Hell? What you want are great mods affixes and those can spawn more on things that drop in Hell. The upgrade recipes mean it makes sense to grab lots of rares that would have been totally useless in 1.09 and earlier. I think some players imbue ethereal crystal swords and dimensional blades with this in mind also.


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I'm curious. Why these as opposed to other rare weapons?
+3 BO crystal swords. BO slave barbs look much secksier when they are carrying crystal swords of echoing then they do when they are carrying spears of echoing.

I don't actually know why.



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I'm guessing but maybe the idea is to get a good ethereal rare crystal sword or dimensional blade and then upgrade it to a Phase Blade? That way it will be indestructible but still have the ethereal damage bonus.
Thats the reason I pick up rare crystal/dimensional blades in hell.Ill often pick them up just to check if they are etheral and if not discard.

I always pick up any magic/rare circ to diadem in hell,never know what mods willl turn up there.Any rare rings and amulets of course.

Also white necro wands for white runeword and sorc staffs with the possibility of four sockets for memory.


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I generally pick up all white/gray druid pelts (looking for something to make Lore, or even Delirium in) and all white/gray necro wands and heads. I made a Rhyme out of a +3 RS +3RSM or something necro head, and of course the +3 BS White wand.

Edit: And white/gray barb helms too, for the same reason and druids. And while I'm on class specifics, sometimes I'll pick up claws. Once I found a +2 traps, +3 LS +some other traps claw. Nice!


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I pick up:

1. All exceptional and higher set and unique items, and any normal S/U items that are useful, good to give away, etc.

2. Most rares. Especially circlets, class specifics, swords, boots, belts (found a terrific rare belt last night... +20 strength, 28-29 each of lightning and cold resistance, and iirc 10% FHR... not many set/uniques beat that).

3. All runes (I know, the low runes don't pay to cube... I just can't help it).

4. All flawless gems and all jewels.

5. Every once in a while, a blue item I know I can sell for $35K.

6. Any useful items that are socketed (armors, good weapons, class-specifics...)

7. Full juvvies.

8. Gold :cool:


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I pick up:
1) All elite S/U items
2) All TC3 uniques
3) very few exceptional U (Duriels Shell, Skullders, Goreriders)
4) very few exceptional U to check their properties (Ribcracker, Hone Sundan, Vipermagi Skin)
5) all S/U jewelry - I don't stash manalds, <30 nagels, angelics, tancreds. Yes, I stash all cathan seals. (not amulets though)
6) all U items I don't have eth version, I check the etherealness

7) superior grey weapons - for socketed +15ED, or for socketed +15ED eth.
8) superior grey armors, (non-superior too since they can be ebugged)
9) white/grey wands (able to get 2 sockets) to get +3 poison nova or +3 bone spear/spirit
10) runes Tal and higher

11) magic monarchs (Jmod)
12) magic rings (for 40MF ring) and amulets (+3skilltree with good suffix)
13) magic tiara/diadem (jewelers/artisan of amicae etc)
14) magic orbs (for +3fire +3fire skill)
15) magic jewels, charms (obvious)

16) rare rings and amulets and jewels
17) rare circlet type items
18) rare boots, gloves, belts - but not allways

rarely if I am in mood, I pick up also some rare weapons and magic class-specific helm or claw (for +6 LS).
I pick up gold if I clear the floor (cows/special chests) or if they are really good (10K+ from Meph for example) or if the gold pile is just in my way...
Potions and scrolls occasianally...

I would really appreciate if someone makes a list of really valuable blue items - like jewelers monarch of Deflecting or +6 LS claw or +5(6?) BO helm.


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These are the best I can come up with:

Rings: 40mf
Amulets: 3 (skill tree) of the Whale/Titan/Apprentice, 50mf
Armor: Jewellers of the Whale/ 24 FHR / Amicae
Gloves: Lancers of Alacrity?
Boots: None?
Claws: 6 LS
Baba Helms: 6 BO is possible - 3 Warcry suffix with 3 BO automod
Shields: Jmod, Artisan's of Deflecting with lower Str reqs
Tiaras/Diadems: Artisans with nice suffix, possibly +skill tree with good suffix and 2 sockets

Can't think of any more off the top of my head


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lagalot said:
Thats the reason I pick up rare crystal/dimensional blades in hell.Ill often pick them up just to check if they are etheral and if not discard.
yep, I also check if they're ethereal, and almost immediately discard if they're not.

The reason that I wait until Hell difficulty is that it I want one with godly mods (400%+ ED, 40 IAS, 8% Leech, and more)... obviously I'm still looking for one (I did have one that was about ~280 ED, 30 IAS, 8% Leech, etc. that was non-eth - that's as close as I've gotten).