What do you spend the most gems on crafting?


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What do you spend the most gems on crafting?

Weapons? Jewelry? Charms?

Or do you even bother with crafting at all?

Right now all my gems are going towards crafting 7% SMFCs.


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ATM i'm using my pgems to re-roll Grandcharms for skillers. also reroll some small charms for 7% MFSC.

As for crafting the vast majority is either blood axes(glorious and berserker) or glood gloves


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I haven't really begun crafting much of anything in 1.10 yet...I use all of my gems for cubing some nice skillers. Otherwise I like to cube blood rings, as they usually turn out quite nicely.


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I'm collecting Pgems, 'till I reach Hell Baal and get a Grand Charm of him. (Only GC's from Diablo, Nithlathak, Baal can spawn "of Vita 40-45") - I'm optimistic eh?


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I just tend to collect the gems all the time. Sometimes when the mood strikes me I try to reroll skillers. So far I've had zero luck with that though, so its sporadic at best.
I'm using my Pgems rerolling SC, hoping for more of this kind:

Shimmering Small Charm of Good Luck
Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
Required Level: 33
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 80
Fingerprint: 0xf3bd18e1
All Resistances +4
7% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

I reroll my high ilvl small charms, or any charm with ilvl 99, got some nice results, a couple of skillers, quite a few 7%MF charms. But i dont bother rerolling anything else.


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Where i burn my gems:

Perfect Sapphire - Hit Power Gloves/Hit Power Weapon (Thunder Maul & Legendary Mallet)
Perfect Ruby - Blood Gloves/Blood Weapon (Berseker Axes)
Perfect Amethyst - Caster Amulet

Rest 3 Perfect Gems with SC.


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I'm using my pgems to cube grand charms for skillers. So far I've got
1 cold skiller
1 defensive auras
1 summoning (druid)
2 traps
1 masteries

I'm crafting alot too mostly safety amulets since I play HC. I've got a few pretty nice ones already. I've also crafted a few pieces of caster gear.


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While I save Amethysts for Caster, Rubies for Blood, and Skulls for Diadems, I usually burn the others in groups of three with a ilvl 85+ GC, hoping for a good skiller / skiller with 2nd mod :)

I got over 70% of my skillers (total around 25 so far) this way.


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Blood gloves. I usually don't pick up gems after my chars get into Hell. Maybe I should start.


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i'm cubing crafting ammys, cubing GCs, SCs, jools and occasionally a colossus blade, and i'm rerolling diadems with 6 Pskull recipe.

i use all my amethysts to craft, and all other gems except skulls to reroll other things, mainly GCs.

mfg nobo


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When I play untwinked I pretty much craft anything that could be useful for the char I'm playing. For normal play I really like crafting blood jewelery and caster amulets, most of the other gems are used for rerolling grand charms. If only I'd get a skiller I could use... For example, this far I've gotten 3 poison and bone skillers, but I am not fond of playing a necro... Also 3 Trainers (+1 to druid summoning skills), and I have no druid. Maybe the game is trying to tell me something? :D