What do you listen to while playing Diablo?


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What do you listen to while playing Diablo?

A) The game music
B) Other Music

For me it varies, Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd, Dr. Dre, Tech N9ne, Judas Priest, Red Hot Chili Peppers. I jump around a good bit. Listened to an entire Asgaard album 3 straight times today.

You guys?


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My computer fan noise. Quiet whisperings of a beautiful machine. It turns out to be very soothing.


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Sometimes TV is nice.

Other wise I like...

Breaking Benjamin
Saves the Day
Jack's Mannequin
The Fray
My Chemical Romance
The Postal Service


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Music kinda depends on what character I'm using at the time. If I'm mfing with my sorc, I have occulus, so I'd like to be able to hear things that might cause me to teleport randomly(barrels, pots, off-screen arrows, etc.) so I turn the music off(or just turn the game sound up). I usually rotate a bunch of cds in my stereo and refrain from using winamp. Today's rotation included cds of Virgin Black, Masterplan, California Guitar Trio, Strunz and Farah, Tommy Emmanuel, and Within Temptation.


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Lots of alternative/rock, a bit of punk/emo, a little metal & sometimes TV.

I also bust out some tunes (sing)... alot... while playing D2. I have no shame haha.


Mostly Hip-Hop. Most of the time I download new cd's and listen to them whilst playing diablo. Nice variation between music (still all Hip-Hop though:rolleyes: ) I find d2 music to boring, but its never nice to run CS and didn't notice a griffon dropped on the ground cause you didn't hear it fall but someone else in the game did:undecided:


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This week, I've been mostly listening to M. Ward. My favorite d2 music however is probably something like Isis or Amen Ra or anything that blows my mind while mass-murdering cows...


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Trance sometimes while playing Starcraft; on Diablo I just use the regular music or have youtube in the background.


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I like to put my gigantic collection of music on random. I find so much music that I have never heard before in my playlist, I tend to download stuff for other people and I like to try out random artists from time to time.