What do you like about the necro?

What server should we use?

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I'd have to say Summoning.

I built my Necro as a Skellimancer early on, but later switched to Bone and Poison. While my early bosts have carried me through Nightmare, Hell looks like it's going to be tough.

The Bone-Poison skill tree is a disappointment for me. The Poison tree really doesn't do enough damage unless you have all the synergies maxed out.


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Summons, definitely summons. I always wanted to be surrounded by an entourage of friends that could be counted on to smack someone who wanted to smack me.

Plus, it's fun to put curses on the monsters and watch them kill themselves while you sit back and have a beer and chat with your buds. :buddies:

"This is what I like! Little things! Hitting each other!" :bonk: :bonk:


CTA+enigma= yummy :).

Still need to working heavily on dueling though. 2k life and 1.2k mana. Just need 2 sojs now for mucho mana :).


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Truly a hard call between summons (behold my massive army!! - just plain cool...) and his style/looks. But i voted 4 style/looks. He's very ... different. morally. And i like that.


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I voted other, because my favorite thing about the necromancer is is love of dead ladies.

Yea, that's hot.


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Easy: summons/other.

I like the fact that I don't need the reflexes of a hyperactive 5 year old to play a necro effectively. I have never had great hand/eye coordination or ultra quick reflexes, so a char that I can use by setting the general direction and let the AI do it for me is right up my alley.



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I voted summons. Since I am too important to fight, I prefer to have my peons do it for me. That way, I have time to dedicate to running around casting bone armor and bone wall to keep the the big bad ranged attackers from killing me.

And I enjoy the sick pleasure in reviving those archers, as well as black souls, and watching Baal get back a little of what he gives.


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I use SummonNec from 1.00 to 1.09 , the only problem for Summancer is to deal with the boss , it can finnish you minion too fast and almost of the time , you can't find the corpse nearby to recharge your army .Now in 1.10,bone skills get bonus from each other and the marrowwalk appears to increase bonemancer's magical damage ,melee attack absorb and bonewall life. Now on bn , I have both Bonmancer and Summancer. Bonemancer for PK and solo hell . Summancer for make team and relax( have a cup of coffee and cookies ,sometimes even can save lunch time ) :drink: . HAHA!


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I like blowing up corpses and spraying warm innards all over the place. but the graphics are not quite satisfying


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Summons, so when i get those 10+ seconds screen freezes i know my skellies will keep me safe :D


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This is a thread I posted long time ago, but it really fits into this topic.


I'm just proud of my skelemancer. I'm not saying this is the build everyone should get. It's just the flavor that I like the best. I'm clvl 87 SC PvM US East, account: wtm1114. Character name: Astrocyte (the name of a type of brain cell) I'm a bio major.

Max RS
Max SM
Max CE
5 in Revive
4 in SR
5 in Lower Resist
4 in Dim vision

With some good stuff (Full trang, Marrowwalks, Mara's Ammy, Arm of King L., A whole bunch of +skill charms )I have six lethal weapons under my belt

1) 12 dedicated Bony Sexy Warriors. They almost never die. Pretty decent dmg. After amp dmg and my lvl 87 Might merc, they kill the Hell Pit Lord with 5~6 cuts.

2) Curse, Curse, and Curse, f**k y*u monsters :)
Amp dmg is always handy, and it practically is mana-free. I dark areas I use it as my flashlight. :xflash: 4 mana for all lvls. Lower resist is sorc-philic. I've got slvl 18 lower resist, which covers the entire screen, lowers -61%, and lasts for about 1 min. Dim vision is the coolest, my favorite. It makes every monster look like the Statues on the Arreat Summit. It's the life-saver sometimes. Kinda like a time-out.

3) Nuclear Necromancer - CE
All you need is a trigger corpse. After that is the Big Bang. Some U-235 fission reaction. I was amazed by its power. It makes me solo Diablo with a subway sandwich in one hand. Boom, boom, clear.

4) The Dark Gray Army
I don't always use Revives. Kinda hate the 3-min warning rule. Always ask my party members if they like lags or not. I do not believe they actually do the major damage. Their AI is pathetic. I particularly like the flying revives.

5) The Quarterback of Lut Gholein Mercenaries
My most honorable friend, Ashab the Mighty. Clvl 87. He does ~1100 dmg by himself in his own Aura. The importance of a good Merc for a skellimancer is that you need the FIRST corpse. My necro is a melee sucker. The Clay golem is pathetic, too. The might merc always kills the first monster around the Cold Plain wp and my army rises. Hahah

P.S. I'm a newbie. The LOD battlechest is my X-mas gift for 2003. So you should know how doable this is.


Looks like the necro summons are very popular.

Nothing like a few extra friends to help lay the smack down on your enemies :).