What do you guys think of this song?

What do you guys think of this song?

My band and I are currently working on a song of ours called Halo-Man. It's sort of a parody of iron-man and I was wondering if it was any good. We're a nerdcore metal band and this is our third song. The lyrics are as follows:

Has he lost his friends
does he play till the day ends
Does he pwn at all
or if he plays will he fall

why is he not dead
we took him out with a shot to the head
well just nade him there
why should we even play fair

his girlfriend left him for a man with a life
now his xbox is his future wife
when he played for seven days
on his insane halo craze

oh my god you stupid noob
spamming nades from the snipers tube
ill beat you down with my plasma sword
die againy you rocket whore

now the time is here
for halo man to spread fear
vengeance from the nerd
hacking comps with every word

no girls will date him
they just turn him down
nobody helps him
now he has his revenge

needler in both his hands
chasing noobs across the LAN
shooting as fast as he can
halo man respawns again


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Well, you'll never get rich off of it, since the kind of guys who understand what you're singing about are also the kind of guys who get all their music off of P2P networks. Hope you enjoy doing it though. :)


stormrage112345 said:
We've worked it out so that it's pronounced like pown ( rhymes with own).
Why don't you stick to "own"..."pown" sounds really stupid....especially since some people interpret 'pwn' as "poon"...etc....yeah.