What do Uber Smiters do when not ubering?


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What do Uber Smiters do when not ubering?

I lost my main in HC, and was thinking of making an smiter, specifically capable of killing the ubers.

But then I realized, what can a smiter do outside of uber trist? It's frustrating just to kill one mob...no matter how fast you attack, they get knocked back, you have to run up to them, knock them back, rinse and repeat. You have no way of taking large groups. Can you load up on fast cast gear and teleport to a boss? Can you even wear a lot of MF gear, or kill bosses at comparable rates to other classes?

So for all you smiters out there, what do you do with 95% of your time? Leach off other people? Or do you just park him in the garage like an old car that gets taken out once a year?

Evrae Altana

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Then make a zealot, a build that has pretty good crowd control skills. A zealot's 1 point smite is more than enough to kill the Ubers should you ever need an Uber-killer.


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duel, or put 1 pt in zeal and go wreck baal - zeal is to speed up killing the minions, its not really necessary... pretty much anything you want except chaos (IM)


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mine either looked cool in channel or looked cool in baal run lol
oh mine in hc so not much for dueling :p


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yes i agree put 1 pnt in zeal and if you have a greif then you can rape through most of the game except chaos cause of IM. Also for my smiter i , just for fun put an EBOTZ on him and used charge. Lol funny how many people get ownt by tht


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my zealot/1 pt. smite uberer does nothing but that. sometimes i duel, but he really doesn't do anything but uber.


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An effective smiter is really a zealer.

He uses smite only against the bosses and zeal for everything else.

5 points in zeal gives max hits.
20 poinst charge

1 point in smite gives most cost effective smite.
20 points in holy shield

20 points in fanata or conviction aura


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When I'm not ubering, I use my uber smiter to help people kill hell ancients (any random people in bnet channels as long as I'm in the mood, so plenty of them out there:smiley:). Other than that, I don't use him at all, kind of a waste I guess for all the expensive items I put on him.


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Yup, smiters make good hell anicent killers. :D

They can off baal as well, provided there are no OKs or do it with extreme caution.


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I use a max zeal, max smite hybrid... I built him just for the ubers, but then discovered that with the right gear, he can do the whole game... I keep a Gheed's, Exile, and CoH on him for just a smidgen of extra magic find, and then go cowing, full game boss rush, and what ever... Running Baal is always fun too... When I do run into Oblivion Knights, I switch over to Passion and zerk them to death... Wait for IM to go away, and zeal away...

I may not be able to tele, but that just means a better chance that I will actually find something good on my way to the boss... Found a Vex that way... Mostly, I use him to cow either solo or full game... When I get key sets, I run the ubers... If I have the time, I DClone hunt... He's one of my most used characters, and by far has yeilded some of the best return... He does okay with PvP too, but not having Grief on him limits how hard he hits...