What do u think of this build?


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What do u think of this build?

Hey Guys, I was thinking about makeing a slight adjustment to the fishymancer. One that I think will be incredibly powerful and fun.
Max Skelly
Max SM
Max Golem Mastery
Max Iron Golem
CE to taste
Rest into Prereq and wanted curses

Obvioulsy this build wouldnt really shine until the IG was made out of a good item. Personally, I would like to see it made out of Pride, while the merc has infinity, its the best of both worlds! What do you guys think? I just thought it would be neat and you wouldnt have to worry so much about the golem dying with the huge defense increase. Although theres nothing you can do if you die youself....


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By adding more points into iron golem you only up it's defence by a little...which I really don't see the point of it. I think the points are better spent somewhere else.


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Only if you have the wealth to keep remaking him when he dies. Which he will or he'll just disappear as they sometimes do.

Also I'd just put 1 pt in iron golem itself and then max blood golem for the + life synergy. I think the added life would help more than the added defense. That would apparently get him to around 6000 life in hell. I'm not sure if this works but maybe you could even bo him after that to try to keep him alive even longer.


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I like having IG around, especially made from socketed items and had either a ruby or an emerald set within the socket for then it looks like it's made of jello.

Add some color to your summons is what I always say! :flowers:

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