What did you guys do this December?


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In my last introduction thread, I said I will abide by one rule; to post a progression thread every month - however minuscule the progress might be. So here is the first of the many to follow. =)

After the long hiatus from D2, I dug up one of my old USBs to re install d2 and all the necessary add ons. I had quite a struggle trying to fix a GoMule error, but it turned out I just needed to open it with the right settings. Few hours down the toilet fixing that one. =P

My original intention was to simply make a meteorb or blizzballer and start up a small pool of goodies from NM meph. But after a short read bout druids - must've been one of the threads here, I can't seem to remember which -, I ended up with a bear. I also decided it might as well be one of my Mat/Pats (septs? iirc).

As usual, I started whacking away at fallens at /p8 full clear no reruns. I also dragged my char up to the very edge of each area to 'fill' the minimap. It was slow; and with limited play time, it was slower than usual. With a melee build, it was so painfully slow that I respecced to full on summoner in one of the tombs. By the end of act 3, I decided it just can't be done with the amount of time I have, and let go of all restrictions.

My Mat/Pats will now just be self-found. /p3 in Hell for 1st clear. all quests completed. no other restrictions.

Progression was much quicker as I trampled over everything in /p1. And I've spent the Christmas weekend mauling down NM Mephisto. As it is with many other ppl, this is the point in game where I switch over from mf gear to hell-viables, so I will probably spend the next weekend looting for some more goodies. =)

First progression post is done. yay!

- Gom the bear, lvl 60, NM Meph.
- what did you do this December?


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This December? Work (I'm a croupier btw, used to be a Math Teacher) Spent Xmas day with my family and went diving with my brother. We scored a lot of sea eggs which is a delicacy to our people. Bragging rights and everything .... lol


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Finished up my last university class (teacher, not student) the day before Christmas and have been relaxing and helping my daughter get her rollerblading under control. That and some Pindle runs with my amazon. Got a Windforce recently and am thinking about respecing to a bowazon to try it out.


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changed work, found another work after 2 days, then i changed it again after tree days working there with a better paid one.
just some gaming around mostly risen civ 4 and pillars of eternity


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Grim Dawn. I blame a forumite. However, it does make me think what D3 could have been.

Other than that, sleeping ... A LOT. And paperwork shredding. Few more phonecalls to make in Jan but that's it. Currently trying to find my scale rule from when I was designing bathrooms; my whole house needs re-purposing and the amount of furniture I have is absurd. Finally put some books on Ebay to sell. And I NEVER sell books. Keep or charity shop. Go me.

Excuse me ... I need to ... er find a dungeon. Oh yes. Shiny loot. :D


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Grim dawn looks very tempting... oh what perfection D3 could've been...
It's sad to see something fade away into history;
but I'm also desperately awaiting for the day I can play hacknslash with VR goggles(headset?) on. =D


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I've played some D2 during December, my Blade Fury Assassin is going gang busters, but the majority of my free time has been taken up by writing three maths units, including the powerpoint presentations, from scratch.


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Been playing sc2 and hearthstone primarily.

I should spend some time writing up my chartered engineer application, but can't really be bothered..n


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... continue the cycle to infinity.

Hi guys, it's been a while :rolleyes:


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I've been doing a lot of random gaming. Played some d2, d3, and now am playing PoE. Lots of minor games in between there, and lots of time where I didn't feel like playing games at all.

Other than that just work mostly, but that's boring!


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D2: made enigma and farmed ebotdz, reached lvl 95
OVG: played undertale and enjoyed every second of it, now I understand the huge fandom this game has gathered
RL: moved to a new apartment


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I have my opening race of the season on 3/1/16, so I've been busy getting ready for that and also working. I played PoE briefly but I was coerced into getting Grim Dawn *glares at Thyiad*, although I don't regret doing so as it is awesome, especially for £9.99 in the sale. I've also been doing sporadic CS runs with my '99er'. Heh.


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I've thought about Grim Dawn as well, it's been on my wishlist for a while now waiting to be bought on sale. [emoji14]

Undertale looks interesting as well, might have to try it.


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*shuffles a bit* Yes well I think you mentioned Grim Dawn first.

And agreed on Undertale. That does seem an interesting concept. Steam Sale time baaaaaad.


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D2: third Enigma (damn), rescpeed my javazon and fiddled aroubd a bit with her. Still can't decide between Enigma and CoH. Might need a new topic.

OVG: I'm heavily invested in World of Tanks. Nuff said I think. :)

RL: Had a nice 2 weeks period of christmas holiday. Going to work now, got the New Year's Day.


Bodry, I play a lot of wot too - fun game.

I just got a new laptop a couple days ago, so now I have a system that will actually allow me to install diablo 3. Thinking about giving it a shot this weekend.

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Well for D2 I haven't played since August or July, so clearly I gained a ton of ground there. Diablo 3 I haven't played since LC and scr moved to hardcore and omg's hard drive failed which was in...October, I think, but I did have a little pang of regret when I noticed the end of season was coming around that I hadn't gotten to paragon 1000 this season or done GR60+ with anything other than a monk, but not enough to do anything about it (1000 is a long way from 803, anyway.) Although I'm not sure about the D3 hate, I mean it leads to some amazing chat logs, such as the following.

<Poor, overworked maareek is yet again carrying omg's Crusader through some Greater Rift level it can't handle>
maareek: "ring ding dong, ring ding dong, ring ding ding ding dong. I want you to share in my playlist. ;p"
omg: "Link song."
<maareek is busy doing all the work while crusader-lady ambles around randomly tossing hammers into walls.>
omg: "Hmm, well it's either Shinee - Ring Ding Dong or Dr Dre - Ring Ding Dong. I wonder which."
maareek: "Take a guess."
omg: "Probably the latter."
maareek: "Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to say, but nothing comes out when they move their lips, just a bunch of gibberish, omg's act like they forgot about shine eh."
Worst game ever confirmed.

As for things I actually did do, I finally played through the Dawnguard and Dragonborn expansions for Skyrim (to be fair I did start back in October,) started up a campaign in Europa Universalis IV as Kilwa (turns out even rampant inflation is no match for owning the majority of the world's gold mines) and continued my trend of picking up a "OMG, how have you never played that?!?!" title during the Steam Holiday sale. I figure at this rate in about 50 years I won't be a casual or a scrub anymore, maybe. Some day I'll probably even play them!

In terms of real life...family, friends, fun, food, laughs, wondering where the time went, questioning life choices, soul searching; the usual.